Rebel Faction

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    • Rebel Faction

      I've just broken the enemy's back. Air superiority is achieved, their main army is broken, and I'm starting to take provinces in chunks. Here comes the fun part.... as the enemy gets weaker, I'm taking more provinces, but more of them rebel every day.

      At the beginning, it made sense. The conquered city or region wants to kick me out and rejoin their homeland. Fine, I could live with that. I don't like conquering the same province 2-3 times, but at least it made sense.

      But now, the rebellion has nowhere to go. The front line is too far away, or the capital is gone, and the enemy has less and less influence on the rebelling province. The game designers say: "We don't care what you want! We are going to give you rebellions, because we want every game to last twice as long as it needs to, and we want to cut the number of players who finish a map!"

      Right? Makes sense. Rebellions are the perfect way to end up with obnoxiously long games that nobody wants to finish.

      Ok, if you insist, but consider the following compromise: Make these desperate rebellions join a rebel faction. This faction is lawless. They have no alliances. They don't give or take resources to any country. If I want to conquer them, I can. But I don't *have* to, because rebel provinces don't prolong the existence of my enemy. That random mountain that has no strategic value? I could just let them be. They're not going anywhere, they don't produce offensive troops, they just sit there.... rebelling.

      To make this more interesting, you *could* give the rebels custom units, like a super-elusive militia. Or an armored car variant that's a pickup with a machine gun in the back. Or a kamikaze plane/sub/boat. You could have some serious fun with anarchy-themed maps.

      But the main request is: Please don't keep giving rebelling provinces to random countries. Rebellions don't work that way in real life. Often they don't even want to join their home country, must less a neighbor they hate as much as they hate me. Plus, making games last forever through endless rebellions kills the game. I get sick to my stomach just thinking about a month of mop-up after all the fun is over and what's left is day after day of taking and losing the same ferkaka town to the same ferkaka AI that should have been dead weeks ago.

      Please, throw us a bone, and at least make the rebels a neutral faction that hates everyone equally.