What does "The ranking period for games ends after 120 days" means?

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    • What does "The ranking period for games ends after 120 days" means?

      Call of War Game Message, 16:36
      Ranked period ends in 7 days
      The ranking period for games ends after 120 days.
      If you are the only active player a game only counts towards your global ranking for 14 more days.
      You can still earn victory medals and reward pay-outs if the round ends after the ranked period.
      This is published in the newspaper - we are on Day 14 of a Tutorial game (1 day= 12 hours)- I don't understand, it says the same thing ends in 120, 14 and 7 days? It is badly written, it doen't make sense.
      Please someone explain this to me. Thanks
    • Every ranked game you play your actions are recorded and you are awarded points for each action. This means stuff like building units or buildings and destroying enemy units.

      However you only collect those points while the game is ranked. If a game runs for too long (120 days as explained in the message you received) you will stop collecting any points in that game for your military and economic statistics but will still receive progress towards achievements (say, it will count how many infantry units you killed but won't add those points to your stats).

      I guess the problem here is the time limit when the ranking peiod ends, which the support staff will hopefully pick up and forward to the devs.
    • Without sufficient active players the ranking period is ended.

      So in your case on day 7 the number of active players dropped to one starting the 14 day countdown to being unranked. The same article started appearing then and appears each day counting down the days.

      Some good details in this thread:

      Ranking ends

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