Potential solution to (real life) sleep time during the game

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    • Potential solution to (real life) sleep time during the game

      I have to quit playing this game, because it's disturbing my sleep schedule. (Although i have lots of gold left)

      I was thinking about potential solution to this problem, because people have to go to sleep sometimes.

      1) Mark the time when you went to sleep (press some button somewhere) and during that period (for the next 10 hours max), other coalition members can control and move your troops.

      2) Make "sleep firendly games". Here is how:
      - Make games that are "America only", "Europe (and Africa) only" and "Asia only" (or use your ingame statistics to divide games by activity of your players)
      - Now that you know that all players in these games go to sleep around the same time, you make the period from 00h to 08h (for example) to move verything in the game 4x slower.
    • Interesting suggestion; I have this problem as well. When I first started playing it effected my sleep (staying up later than intended, waking up early to "check on my guys"). By game three I had decided that sleep was necessary and developed strategies to deal with the disruption that sleep brings, but it's not ideal.

      I would prefer a rest period each day. Perhaps 6 or 8 hours each day where people can't give orders. I could see them adding this as a high command perk for created games perhaps.
    • The problem with making periods 4x slower is that the Airforce is a huge part of Call of War where it will have little effect. Also another problem with letting your allies control your nation is that it will be taken advantage of by cheats and backstabbers for there personal gain. I am supportive of a sleep period where you can't move your units in a certain period of time. It can be agreed before joining a map or a fixed period of time.