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    • Hello,
      I just wanted to ask the wider CoW community about the general opinion on the use of the Discord platform (or similar real-time platforms) in CoW games. I increasingly encounter groups of players who in organized manner join especially World 100 maps and use Discord for their communication and coordination of play. All legitimate and also an efficient way of communication, especially because one can easily share screenshots, chat or even have a voice/video communication in real time. It brings definitely an advantage to the play for those applying it. However, what I do observe is that we are here moving away of some of the core principles of CoW which are establishing diplomatic relationships with other players and using the game internal messaging system for conversations, however, no screen shots and voice chats. Recently, I quite often had conversations with other players (particularly long-time members, all in-love with the game) who were not really amused, sometimes even frustrated because the game gets totally ruined. Aren't we by doing so degrading the game or shall we just follow the technological trends and take this as the next level of play, similar to such games as Counter-Strike? What's the wider community view of this?