Alliance Teammates Working Together In Regular Games,, Via Multiple Coalitions

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    • EXAMPLE:

      Coalition A:
      Alliance Member 1
      Random player
      Random player

      Coalition B:
      Alliance Member 2
      Random player
      Random player

      There are so many problems with this. The Alliance members always backstab their teammates at the end and join up with each other to win the Gold. Or the Coalitions will refuse to fight each other all game b/c the Alliance members will not allow it. It opens the door for so many ways to cheat b/c of share map as well.

      You guys have to do something about this.
    • This could be a solution to a minor issue, relieving admins/mods to focus on other issues. In addition to be an addon, I wouldn't mind being able to have an option to invite alliance members to a game, similar to how parties work in FPS Games.
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    • The rules do not prevent alliance members from working together. It breaks the rules when they follow a specific player around and hang up on them constantly. If this is not occurring, there is no rules violation.

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