Missing Gold

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  • Missing Gold

    I was playing on Steam, I ordered gold through the steam store. I attempted to reach out to support as Steam states it is an issue that needs to be resolved via the company directly and not Steam. I was told and I quote "thank you for your message. According to our system no purchase was registered. As such you weren't billed by us. Please check if money has been deducted from your account. If it did, please contact Steam directly." YOU CAN NOT CONTACT STEAM DIRECTLY. They have processes that directly link to the support page for this game. Guess id I don;t hear anything I'll just call my bank and make it as fraudulent
  • Bytro (COW) Support Group in game is a 100% Volunteer group. They do not get paid with any real money so please be nice to them. They are the ones taking hours out of their normal days to help you. If you submitted a support ticket, they will reply within 3 days.
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  • I am sorry to hear of your difficulties, however if The payment processor did not pass the money to Bytro it is rather difficult for bytro to fulfil the purchase.
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