Regarding Popularity and AI Warfare

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    • Regarding Popularity and AI Warfare

      Alright, so first some context. We should all know that when your popularity drops to a certain point, AI can give trade embargo or even declare war. This is an incentive that stops players from attacking without declaring war, and I say is a pretty good feature. However, I have found something recently. I'm currently playing in a 22p tutorial as Communist Russia, and last night, while I was sleeping, the nearby AI Ukraine declared war on me and attacked me as my popularity was at 21%.

      Now, in the game mechanics, when you get attacked, your popularity should rise up a little. However, I noticed the longer I had my war with the AI, the more my popularity dropped (after only about 14 hours of war, equivalent to 28 hrs in the game, my popularity dropped to 14%). If the purpose of AI/player pre-emptively attacking can raise your popularity (which is the only way to raise your popularity thus far), why is my popularity still dropping while the AI is relatively unchanged?

      Now here's my suggestion: I would like for popularity to rise up more significantly the lower one's popularity is when attacked, while vice versa for nations attacking when they have higher popularity. This can solve the endless spiral of dropping popularity that I've noticed recently and can stop people from exploiting relations with AI (as fun as that actually is).


      Nation A has 30% popularity, Nation B has 60% popularity.

      If Nation A is attacked by Nation B, Nation B's popularity drops by 20% of its total (so -12% to 48%) while Nation A receives that popularity boost (+12% to 42%).

      If Nation B is attacked by Nation A, Nation A's popularity drops also by 20% of its total (-6% to 24%) while Nation B receives that popularity boost (+6% to 66%).

      The only flaw I can see is that this rewards less to countries repeatedly being attacked, but considering most of those countries are AI, the impact would be not very significant.
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