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    • Build Queues Suggestion

      Real first world problem here, for the premium users;
      Would it be possible to add a "Pause All" button to the build queue? It would be really convenient and improve quality of life I think. I often buy resources in order to start a new research project but then they are all taken automatically for my build queue instead. It would just be really nice to be able to pause all builds for a while until I can finish with my other business before unpausing. Thoughts for the developers, and also cheers on a great game! Really enjoy everything y'all have made this game to be. 1.5 patch is pretty balanced seeming so far, keep up the great work! :)
    • In the build queue, there is a list of all the buildings and units that have not begun construction or production at all. They just wait, in the order that you set up, to be built whenever enough resources have accumulated and the tile is available to build said unit/building. This happens automatically as soon as there is enough resources making it often impossible to conduct research due to all your resources being immediately diverted to your build queue.

      I am simply proposing that there be a "pause all" button on the build queue so that resources can be saved up for research or whatever else without having to delete the entire build queue, wait for supplies, start the research, and then go back through and remake the entire queue of units again. Very time consuming and tedious and could so easily be fixed with a pause button on the build queue menu. Is there any better way i can clarify?
    • It has been suggested and is one of the items on the very long suggestion list.

      Until the developers get time to implement it, most players will queue up a level 1 industrial complex or something else expensive and move it to the top of the queue. This will often delay everything else giving you time to start research. Be sure to delete the building you didn’t need from your queue. ;)
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