Suggesting "Destroy Improvements" Functionality

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    • Suggesting "Destroy Improvements" Functionality

      I like the latest update (September 24, 2020) because it seeks to imitate reality. This imitation involves the availability of information. While that would not have been at the top of my list of concerns, the fact that it makes the game more realistic is applauded.

      However, there is a much more glaring imitation of reality that the game lacks, and that is the ability to destroy improvements a player has made before they fall into enemy hands. If it appears a province will inevitably fall into enemy hands, we would certainly destroy our improvements so that they can not be used against us. Any given improvement, when selected, should have a "destroy" button attached to it so that it may be destroyed by the owner if he so chooses.
    • Yes, I partially agree with this. However, there needs to be some cost to this e.g. in manpower (engineers), and materials (bulldozer machinery, explosives etc.). Also a time element to simulate gathering the engineers, preparing the destruction. Maybe a gradual reduction of the improvements over a matter of hours. Quicker than build of course.
    • Buildings are damaged automatically upon capture even when no combat occurs. This does not require any input from the player.
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