Release Notes - 2020-10-20

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    • Release Notes - 2020-10-20

      Attention, Generals!

      Today’s release promises to be very exciting for you mobile generals out there. As we all know, usability is especially important while on the go. Small phone or tablet screens mean that every inch counts. We have looked at how players currently command their armies on mobile and have made big changes to the army UI.
      Firstly, we moved the army bar from the top of the screen to the bottom. This puts it closer to your fingers to easily access unit info and frees up the top for better visibility of the map. Secondly, we have removed the command rose. Instead, you can now command your armies with handy new command buttons, that you can find right above the army bar (now at the bottom of your screen). Again, the buttons are nice and close to your fingers for easy access.

      To top it all of, we also sprinkled in a few bug fixes and made some small changes to 1.5 game balance. Please read the following list for a complete overview of today’s changes:

      • The army bar on mobile was moved from the top of the screen to the bottom.
      • The command rose, when selecting an army, was replaced with command buttons, that are located above the newly placed army bar.
      Balancing Changes:
      • Decreased build time of Capitol building from 24h to 12h.
      • Updated Propaganda Office description to more accurately reflect its function.
      • These changes only affect newly created Call of War 1.5 game rounds. Call of War 1.0 game rounds and Call of War 1.5 game rounds created before this update are not affected.
      Bug Fixes
      • The Forced March tooltip now correctly displays the correct penalty for activating it.
      • We fixed the broken layout in the economic statistics of the player profile
      • We fixed not being able to start construction for the required building from the unit info popup
      We hope you like today’s update and wish you all the best on the battlefield.

      Your Bytro Team
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      Twitter: Call of War