Alternate WW2 scenario

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    • Alternate WW2 scenario

      America has lost the Civil war against the Confederate States of America And Texas has decreed independence from both nations receiving its old territory before the Mexican American War. The Confederacy continues to work towards the idea of the Golden Circle, annexing Cuba and dividing Mexico with European powers. The Confederacy becomes the Second most influential country in the western hemisphere after America. Do to the Americans losing the Civil war, they do not take part in WW1. This Allows Germany to win, but Austria-Hungary still collapse. The White Army wins in Russia due to German support after the war. Italy, Austria, Greece, Romania, and Japan are Fascist. France and Spain fall to Communism. Britain returns to imperialism. France loses all of its colonies to Germany but Britain holds onto their colonies due to a white peace to end the war. Support from Germany and Russia allows the Qing Dynasty to survive, but Civil war continues. I think that this would be an Interesting game Idea.

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    • TBH, what I would love to see is a "Russian Civil War" scenario. Soviet Russa is AA, everything else (the various White factions, Makhno, the various Green factions like the Tambovites, the Cossacks, the Czech, the Komuch, the Finss, the Balts, the Armenians, the Poles, Romanians, Hungarians, etc... are all player factions.