Announcement Release Notes - 2020-11-18

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    • Release Notes - 2020-11-18

      Attention, Generals!

      Today’s release makes Call of War 1.5 the new standard in the game. We are very excited about this milestone. Fans of the classic Call of War will still be able to join the older versions of several scenarios, which are now marked as Classic scenarios in the game list.

      To make sure that you do not miss a potential uprising in your empire, we added a new feature that highlights a province on the map that could revolt against your rule soon.

      We have good news for our mobile generals as well, as we managed to fix several nasty bugs including the one that showed a connection lost indicator, even when the connection was restored again.

      These are just some highlights of today’s release, please check the following list of changes for a complete overview:

      • The production and research costs of Mechanized Infantry units were slightly increased.
      • The default inactivity time of 5 days was reduced to 2 in user generated game rounds. The default inactive time now matches that of system generated game rounds. This change only applies to game rounds created after today.
      • When a province has a chance for an uprising greater than 0%, pulsating red stripes are displayed in the province on the map, highlighting a potential revolt. The chance of an uprising can be checked when using the info button in the province bar.
      • When a province’s buildings are revealed via spy reports they are now also revealed in the province bar outside of the espionage menu. They stay visible until the next day change. It takes 1-3 minutes for revealed buildings to appear/disappear, just like when scouted by units.
      • We removed older versions (CoW 1.0) of several maps from the map pool. These maps will only be available in one version (the new 1.5 version) from now on. The 100 player World at War map, the 25 player World at War map and 22 player Clash of Nations map remain available in the new 1.5 version and the Classic version (1.0). All currently running 1.0 game rounds can still be played.
      • With the removal of several CoW 1.0 scenarios, scenarios previously marked with 1.5 are now the new standard for all scenarios and had their version indicator (1.5) removed. Scenarios that are still available in two versions have the older version marked as “Classic”.
      • The option to post articles or send messages anonymously in the game was removed to reduce problematic content being shared in game rounds and improve overall game experience for players by not being exposed to such content.
      Bug Fixes:
      • An issue on mobile devices was resolved that caused the offline indicator that informs players of a missing internet connection to stay visible on the display after the connection was restored.
      • A bug on mobile devices was fixed that could prevent selecting multiple provinces from working correctly. When adding additional provinces to a selected province, the newly added provinces are now highlighted correctly and the multi army selection mode is no longer activated.
      • An issue was resolved that could cause hidden buildings to be visible for neutral players during the construction phase of the buildings.
      • A bug on mobile was fixed that caused a wrong icon being displayed in the research panel for the damage/attack indicator.
      • An issue on mobile devices was resolved that prevented switching between a unit's research levels from working correctly. Switching from any research level to another now works flawlessly.
      • An issue was resolved that caused the cloud density at map borders to differ between smaller and bigger maps when zoomed out. The cloud density between all map sizes is the same now.
      We hope you like today’s release and wish you and your troops a victorious day on the battlefield!

      Your Bytro Team
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      Twitter: Call of War