What Units give the most points when killed

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    • What Units give the most points when killed


      So in call of war whenever a unit is killed, the player who kills it receives points that contribute towards their overall rank / level in game, and in the new 1.5 version of Call of War, the higher level a unit is, the more experience points you receive upon killing it. Does anyone know what units give the most experience when killed? Two of my guesses would be Battleships and Heavy Tanks, but then again those are just guesses and that's why I am here asking this question. Thanks!
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      TomtheBuilder wrote:

      Nuclear bombers and nuclear missiles give the most points according to my calculations, but heavy tanks and battleships only gives you around half as much I think. Despite that, your casualties also count towards it. So my guess is capital ships and nukes.
      Thank you for your help! You said Battleships and Heavy tanks give half as many points (I'm assuming half as many as nuclear bombers / rockets would) However you also mentioned that casualties count towards it...Is there some equation that comes into play there? (the less casualties you take / the more you inflict the greater points you receive?) could you expand upon that further? again thank you :)