Ciro702 Staff Introduction

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    • Ciro702 Staff Introduction

      Hi guys!

      Seems that this is a wee bit late but here it comes.

      My name is Ciro702, currently (and will always be) a military brat, meaning that I don't officially have a home, but I can tell you I currently reside in Germany. I've been playing since mid-November of 2017.

      Some stuff I can tell you guys is that I like strategy games like Call of War. Ranging from Total War and Age of Empires to the vintage like RUSE. I also like other war-oriented games such as War Thunder, Ace Combat, CoD, Battlefield, etc.

      Outside of gaming, I like to code, particularly in the networking realm. Middle child of a family of 5 X/ and possibly the youngest of staff (19).

      It's been great helping out and giving back to the community and let's start the new year right! :D

      EN Community Support | Bytro Labs Gmbh

      Any problems or bugs found? Submit a ticket here! :P

      "Having an army is good. Having the insight of an enemy's is better"
    • The new AoE rocks by the way.

      CivilizationVI rocks.

      Humankind, I tried the beta/test version as they wanted my input due to my gaming on several similar games.

      And wow.

      Now for CoW, I really believe in its ever expanding potential. But, my first impressions are; way to cash oriented, and scares off so many new players.
      You need to fix that.

      I want to play a multitude of players, not just rich folks lol