My concept for new interface on Mobile

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    • My concept for new interface on Mobile

      Hey, I've come to the conclusion that the current interface on mobile devices is quite old. That's why I made my concept. It is similar to the current one, but more modern.
      Some is from Supermacy taken but it fits as well
      Of course, I moved the menu to the bottom panel to make it a little cleaner, the same with reports, there are more. Trade jumps to the More tab
      Instead of having these balloons jump when pressed up - they could be highlighted in orange like More
      And of course, the profile and country in the top left are taken from the Supra

      The photos show Polish, which is my mother tongue, but it probably won't be a problem. Appearance matters.

    • I think this would indeed look good, especially the replaced balloon button things. This would make it easier to see what your pressing on and where the button stops. It would also give a nice and modern touch to it just like the last few interface updates for desktop. Im not sure about the resource part though. I think the circles are not necessary and a bit to messy. Also, a border would be needed between the name and flag part of the top interface and a golden background (kind of like what it is now) to show that you dont have to look at that (Thats a joke, to show the gold which is not a normal resource appart from the normal resources).

      Maybe after the interface you have while looking on the map has been updated, change the Diplomacy and Research
      screens (the screens that show up when you press a button) aswell, in a similar way as the map interface is like.
      (not sure if that would be needed, but its an idea ^^)
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