Unit Skins Unlockable via Achievement Rewards

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    • Unit Skins Unlockable via Achievement Rewards

      I feel as if the achievements are a feature of Call of War that is largely overlooked by most players, sure, they give some nice gold when you complete one of them, but generally it is not worthwhile to try and grind out most of the requirements to unlock most of the achievements, however, an idea I have been thinking about for a while is changing some of the achievement rewards to give a skin for a unit that you can "equip" in a game (of course you would need to choose the same doctrine as the unit skin) I'm sure I'm not the only person who enjoys seeing my tanks and planes move across the map, especially with how intimidating the tanks look at higher levels. I think this would be a cool idea as it would give players a reason to go after the in game achievements, it would continue to improve upon the skin update which was widely received with positive reviews and it would give players some recognition for their work within the game when another user sees the special skin type on a unit.

      I myself am not a expert on the different weapons and units during the world war 2 time period, I'm just a big fan of this game, so I would likely not do a very good job at suggesting which skins could be added for what units (sorry) but I think this would be a really interesting idea. Bytro could also add "unit skins" to their shop if they felt like this idea would be a waste of time, this would ensure that the game stays profitable as well.