Release Notes - 2021-01-26

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    • Release Notes - 2021-01-26

      Release Notes - 2021-01-26

      Attention, Generals!

      With today's update for Call of War we readdress the new army labels and adapt them according to your feedback. We also adjust the cost of multiple buildings. With Dawn of the Patriot and Dominion: Antarctica two popular scenarios make a return in the new Call of War version and will be available in upcoming event and scenario rotations.
      Last but not least we would like to announce that the time has come to fade out the creation of Call of War Classic game rounds soon. With the next release in two weeks (2021-02-09) players will not be able to create Classic games anymore. You will be able to play ongoing rounds until the beginning of April 2021. But don’t dread, this is not a goodbye but a “see you soon” as we plan to bring Classic back in the form of Events!

      Please read the list below for a complete overview of today’s changes.

      Army Labels:
      • The 1-3 dots in the bottom corner of the army labels when zoomed out on the map were replaced with the concrete number of units.
      • The diamond shaped icons of the army labels when zoomed out on the map now have drop shadows to stand out better from the map background.
      • A bug was fixed that made aircraft icons jump to their patrol destination immediately. The icon is now displayed on their actual position.
      • City names, Victory Points and resource icons now fade out when you are more than 80% zoomed in to improve visibility of troops. On close zoom levels only the province names of selected provinces are displayed.
      • The armor class icon is now visible on the diamond of the new army labels when playing with an Opera browser.
      • After the cost decrease with the previous update, the costs of Infrastructure buildings were slightly decreased even further.
      • The cost progression for Local Ports and Infrastructure level 2 and 3 were slightly flattened, to give you an additional incentive to upgrade those buildings.
      • The construction costs and times for Propaganda Offices were slightly lowered. This makes the construction of these vital buildings in provinces with low morale easier.
      • The maximum expansion penalty was lowered from -40 to -35. With this change the penalty steps between max and min penalty were gradually lowered accordingly as well.
      • Please note that these changes only affect newly created game rounds. Existing game rounds and Classic games are not affected by these balancing changes.
      • The graphic settings on mobile devices can now be set to “low”, “mid”, “high” or “auto”.
        • The default setting is “auto”, which automatically adjusts the graphic details according to the capabilities of the used device.
        • Players who were automatically forced to use the “low” mode can now switch to higher settings at their own risk.
        • Please be aware that choosing a more demanding setting than the automatically applied one may cause performance issues.
      • The Dominion Antarctica map will be available in upcoming Scenario rotations.
      • The Dawn of the Patriot map will be available in upcoming Event rotations.
      • The ocean textures in the game were improved to be more crisp and look more realistic.
      • A new task was added to the advisor, which introduces new players to the Call of War Wiki.
      Bug fixes:
      • The chat on mobile devices no longer automatically scrolls back down to the newest messages when scrolling up to check previous chat responses.
        • The chat now only jumps back to the newest message during a gamestate update or after a certain period of time.
      • An issue was resolved that prevented the attack vector of ranged unit attacks (red arrow) to be displayed.
      • A bug was fixed that prevented units to be displayed for some users on certain maps.
      • In case a production building was partially damaged during an ongoing production the remaining production time was still displayed along with the option to speed up the process. While the production was stopped and the speed up was not clickable, this still caused some confusion and has been fixed.
      • A rare bug was fixed, that caused naval/embarked units to be able to traverse the borders of the map and be displayed slightly outside of the actual map.
      • An issue was resolved that caused black spots to be displayed on terrain textures when using the political view or morale view mode.
      • A bug was fixed that prevented impact craters to be displayed after a ranged unit attacked.
      • Various minor bugs on several maps have been fixed and the map geometry improved.
      • Some wrong task descriptions in the Adviser were corrected.
      We hope you like the additional changes we made to the new army labels according to your feedback and all the other changes that were implemented with today’s update. We wish you best of luck on the battlefield.

      Your Bytro Team
      Facebook: Call of War
      Twitter: Call of War
    • I am really enjoying the numerical value attached to the tags in zoom out feature. Has been a nice aesthetic touch but also a tactical one too as I pan over for a quick look at where, and how many units, are in a local area. Rather than having to zoom in an split units if they are bigger than stacks of 10.
    • ryanb96 wrote:

      @freezy I beleive there is a bug with the new zoom in/out.

      E.g. whn I zoom out a big I see an allies "trail" of where he is moving his ships to. but when I zoom in, the "trail" / "route" (not sure what to call it) disappears! Bug?
      Hmm I can't reproduce this in my game, it still shows the allied routes to me on either zoom level. Does it happen with every unit or only a specific unit? If its just a specific unit this points more towards a particular edge case. And can you solve it by clearing the cache and reloading? If not then you can file a bug report with the details.
    • Reading through the outrage comments when this update first went live then coming back to this thread... they were right. People get used to it and shockingly even start liking it after some adjustments.

      Not many comments hating on the new look now. Interesting how things workout if you give it some time.