World map De-buff/ range buff

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    • World map De-buff/ range buff

      Should there be a debuff for troops moving over water 9
        No it fine the way it is (5) 56%
        Yes (3) 33%
        No but something like this (1) 11%
        Yes but very little (0) 0%
      In the world map it is way to easy for troops to attack by land and you always don't have the oil or food to build a good navy. my thoughts are there should be a de-duff when troops are transported by sea. During ww2 it was not easy to travel by sea it was hard and often would weaken troops. i dont think a huge de-duff would be a good idea. Maybe 1-5% at most. the other thing is that you can't place troops on your whole coast that would take to many resources that you should be using to win wars. If you agree leave a comment and say how much of a de-buff. if you don't tell me why

      Lastly the range of the BF 109 was 850km not 275km can someone explain if this will be fixed or is in game for balancing reasons
    • Why is a debuff needed?
      Convoys are slow and vulnerable to enemies of all types, they have low hitpoints
      When landing they cannot fight effectively until they've disembarked, so beach assaults may succeed but they tend to take heavy casualties
      Landings/invasions are a valid tactic, and someone with a large enough coastline where they are vulnerable should have to build a navy, even a few submarines and destroyers can effectively take out enemy convoys unless they are guarded by larger enemy navies.
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    • can you be more specific about action ranges for planes (interceptor/ seabomber etc.)? I think interceptor, tactical and strategic have a good range. Naval bomber have a small range, but if we allow them to go to far into the sea they are too powerfull. After release of aircraft carriers the seabomber (assuming it can board it) will receive a huge indirect boost because it can be used in the middle of the ocean as well. No changes needed IMO except for the rocketinterceptor!!!