Release Notes - 2021-02-23

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    • Release Notes - 2021-02-23

      Attention, Generals!

      With today’s release names of rural provinces will fade out when you zoom in on the map. This change gives you a better overview when you micromanage your units on the battlefield which is crucial to be victorious over the enemy.

      We are also happy to announce that a considerable number of bugs are a thing from the past now, as the team managed to resolve quite a few of them. Please read the following list for a complete overview of all changes that are introduced to the game with today’s release.

      • The Operation Supremacy Event map was reworked and returned in the event cycle of Call of War again. Prepare yourself to fight extremist movements around the globe very soon!
      • Rural province names fade out now when “show province names” is activated in the settings and you zoom in on the map. Rural province names behave like urban province names which allows for a better overview when zoomed in closer on a battlefield.
      • Players who are currently participating in the Gold Rewarded Ads test on mobile devices, please note that we are currently analyzing the paid out gold rewards. Depending on our findings, reward payouts might change in the future.
      Bug Fixes:
      • A bug on mobile was fixed that caused the army bar information of enemy long-range units being inaccurate when attacking your units while being unknown to you because of it being outside of your unit’s visibility. The army bar will now show that an unknown enemy long-range unit is currently bombarding a unit.
      • The inbox page no longer has a broken layout when the subject line of a message is rather long. To improve the readability of your inbox, subject lines of message now have character requirements of minimum 5 and maximum 50 characters. Replying several times to a message does not add more than one “re” in the subject line anymore either.
      • The prices that are displayed in the tooltip section of the Gold button after purchasing blueprints for elite units now show the correct gold amount.
      • The issue that prevented Control Point graphics from being displayed on Dominion maps when zooming out has been resolved.
      • The bug that caused the chat to jump to the top of all messages when selecting a unit on the map on desktop was fixed. You can communicate in the chat again without scrolling all the time while playing your game round.
      • A bug that sometimes gave planes the ability of teleportation when attacking a close enemy unit was fixed. Planes now fly back to their base after an attack and do not teleport anymore.
      • An issue was resolved that caused graphics to be missing in the info popup that appears when you collect a blueprint from a Supply Drop. While at it, we also fixed the elite icon on that popup which was overlapping with other information displayed on the popup.
      • A bug with the countdown of the rewarded video ads on mobile was fixed that could prevent rewards being paid out at certain times of the day.
      • An issue with the rewarded video ads on mobile was resolved that could prevent the interface from updating due to a connectivity error. You can follow the 5 steps when watching the new rewarded video ads now without any interface issues.
      • While some planes teleported back to their base, some pilots decided to stay above their destroyed target until new orders were given. This bug was fixed as well. All pilots received orders to return to their base once the attack on their target was completed before executing new orders.
      • An issue was fixed that caused the number of displayed projectiles of long-range units to increase when more non-long-range units were grouped in a stack. The number of displayed projectiles now only increases if the number of long-range units in a stack is increased.
      • A bug on mobile was fixed that caused the coalition tab to be displayed in game rounds that had coalitions deactivated.
      • An issue was resolved that triggered an error message for some players when they gave Forced March orders to an army.
      • Several province and country names that were not localized for some languages have there translated names in those languages now.
      We hope that the new fading out names of rural provinces and all those fixed bugs will help your efforts on the battlefield. We wish you and your troops best of luck!

      Your Bytro Team
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      Twitter: Call of War
    • First Comment!! Ah a good bug fixing non-controversial update It’s nice and refreshing even tho I haven’t really faced any of these bugs (besides the chat thing). Anyway thanks devs!
      “If nature doesn’t kill us in the next few decades we will take matters into our own hands” -Habo778 (me)
    • I'm a bit sceptical on the get gold for free adds as I love playing without using gold but on the other hand it will help the less experienced players to put up a better fight so it's a medal with two sides I guess.

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    • I like the ad thing since it allows us to help support the devs without having to spend our own money and overall people who spam gold won’t get enough from ads so they will still buy it but players will end up forming a stockpile from ads overtime so when they meet a gold spammer then they will have the resources to counter them. Also the amount of gold given from ads is not very large comparatively, it’s really only enough to skip the last few hours of build time without having to stock up through a few cool downs (For those who haven’t used ads yet you can only watch 5 ads with the 1st one giving you 100, 2nd 200 and so on until you get 500 from the 5th ad after which you have an 8 hour cool down until you can start again). So every 8 hours you can generate 1,500 gold now while that seems like a lot in reality it’s more like every 10-12 hrs since we need to sleep and can’t just spend all our time watching ads the moment the cool down ends. So in the end don’t think of ads as a source for gold spammers but more of an ease of use and a way to balance out the gold economy between the people with 100 gold and the people with hundreds of thousands.

      Final note skipping a few hours of build time in 1.0 might have been a pretty good advantage but in 1.5 it’s less about time management and more about resource management so an hour or two won’t make much of a difference since it will just put more pressure on your economy.
      “If nature doesn’t kill us in the next few decades we will take matters into our own hands” -Habo778 (me)