Hey Call of War

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    • I will divide this into 3 sections, the early game, mid game, and endgame.
      Early Game:
      There are 2 strategies I like to use in early game. Here they are:

      LT rush strat. Research armored car immediatley then get light tank. build 3 tank factories. start spamming out light tanks. the light tanks will be able to expand quickly and you can constantly pump out more as some die. The massive expansion fuels your economy. This strategy is very offensive and works best on axis because they can unlock the units early. I like to make 3 tank factories and 2 baracks, for axis you can get motorized infantry on day 1 so I use all 5 cities to make stacks of 3 light tanks + 2 motorized infantry. the motorized infantry basically compensate for the tank's weaknesses. This strategy can be countered by expierenced players who know what your doing.

      Minimal losses strat: Another early game strategy is to make tac bombers and artillery. this strategy is based off dealing damage to the enemy while taking minimal losses. you manuever your artillery when the enemy gets close and keep firing at the troops while bombing them with bombers. its a slow strategy but will result in less losses. Works best on allies doctorine. This strategy can work well offensivley and defensivley.

      Mid Game:
      The mid game is where you want to start making 'doomstacks' or 'deathstacks', basically 10 units grouped together that compensate for each other's weaknesses and are hard to defeat. These stacks also need to be fast. Here are my recommended setups for these:

      OP Stack aka GrandEmpire's stack: 3 medium tanks + 2 Tank Destroyer + 3 Motorized Infantry + 1 Mechanized Infantry + 1 SPAA. As you can see, this is very hard to defeat as it counters tanks and airplanes and the 3 tanks and infantry deal lots of damage. This stack is also very fast.

      Artillery stack: This stack is good for dealing damage from a distance with minimal casualties. It requires some patience but can chip away at enemy troops as good as the OP stack. Best used against players who are afk because you can get more value out of artillery before fighting in a melee. 3 medium tanks + 2 motorized infantry + 3 SP arty + 2 SPAA

      Rocket Artillery stack: This is the same as the above stack except modified. I use this variant when playing comitern.
      2 medium tanks + 2 motorized infantry + 2 SPAA + 2 SP Rocket Artillery + 2 SP arty.

      End Game:
      I have rarely ever played in an end game scenario since most my games end during the midgame. The end game happens when few players are left or if there is a coalition vs coalition battle. The end game kicks in normally after 15+ days.

      In the end game you will find massive armies fighting massive armies with large air forces and navys on both sides. The key to winning the end game is to get nukes before the enemy and use them. Additionally having a better economy and higher level troop production buildings are key. Dont worry too much about end game as it rarely ever gets to this stage.

      additionally, remember to keep upgrading your buildings and troops. also dont waste time researching navy or secret early on, sometimes i see players who make 2-3 aircraft carriers by day 2 and you cant even do much with them. so basically stick to the LT rush or bombardment strategy, these are the best early game strats. Dont quit if you get attacked, withdraw and let the enemy overextend, and punish them when they do. you may see some players using the "turtle" strategy which revolves around making a huge army and lots of defenses but not attacking until the end of the game. This strategy is not that great as the player who has expanded with on offensive strategy will gain way more resources than the turtling player.