Bad names of provinces

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    • Bad names of provinces

      I have an idea, that maybe in this thread we could add where do we see names of provinces which are not geographically right or mistyped... I saw some errors in Supremacy1914 also, but well, maybe we could really make some changes, as this is still just beta-play, so maybe the developers can still change them, as I don't think it will be as hard as when beta ends and casual game starts - so if somebody sees some problems with name of provinces as I do, he could add his comments... I see as best form to write down the name of province as it is in the game right now, then add some comment why is it bad and finally add his idea, how should province be called... I don't know if we can change something by this, but it's worth it, I would say ;) Also don't forget, that "your" province can be called otherwise in English/German, it's more about names which are totally bad in geographical sense...

      So far:

      Olomuc - Czechoslovakia - the place which the province occupies is more of northern Slovakia, while Olomouc is in the middle of Moravia, you can check it on the map - geographically right would be "Žilina", which is 4th greatest Slovak city and it's placed about in the middle of mentioned province - in German it is called "Sillein", English use Žilina (or Zilina more preferably, I guess :DD)

      Pressburg - Czechoslovakia - although this is right name, it is historical one used till 1919, it's like to call Stalingrad Tsaritsyn... the actual name used since 1919 to today is "Bratislava", and it is same in either English and German...

      I guess more will be coming, hope anyone else also add their opinions and comments ;)