Looking to join active alliance

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    • Looking to join active alliance

      Hi guys,

      I am looking to join alliance to play more competitive games with less people dropping than during usual general games.
      I am lvl 38, KDR 1.67, not very experienced, but doing pretty well in ordinary games. It gets boring to fight vs dropped players or ai as even at a higher rank games many people drop.
      In the next month or s I have enough time to play a lot, so would be happy to join an alliance who fight regularly, maybe even multiple games at once.

    • Hi there! You sound like a great fit for our training alliance, ImperialAcademy. Our only requirement is that you have discord. We do training games with both the training alliance and main alliance, so you'll have the opportunity to play with more experienced players who can help you with any questions you may have.

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