Korea World at War Day by Day Report

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    • Korea World at War Day by Day Report

      Day 1 : This is my first post. Try not to be too negative in the comments. I have been playing for a few months and am relatively skilled. Constructive Critique is welcome.
      Now, onto the report. It is halfway through Day 1 at the time of writing. When I started the game, I was Korea. I had a miniscule force. Around 12 infantry, 1 interceptor, 1 armored car, and a few anti air. I immediately started researching infantry and artillery.
      Unfortunately for me, Japan decided to invade me. Luckily, the first wave only included an interceptor, and it attacked my anti air. Then, they sent an infantry and an anti-air over the sea to attack my vital port of Fusan. This proved their ineptitude. Who sends anti-air to attack? I destroyed their invasion force and sent 3 infantry and an armored car of my own over to attack. They are landing without opposition as I write this. I also sent an armored car, 4 infantry, an interceptor, and an artillery over to attack Mukden to my west. The invasion succeeded. Overall, I have had 1100 casualties opposed to 6500 enemy casualties.
      Now, onto the diplomatic setting. I created a coalition, as there weren't any near me. Then, Nationalist China created a coalition with 4 members, all in the area. I aspired to join it, but I had to disband my own coalition, causing me to wait for 3 days. By now, the coalition is full. Hopefully someone goes inactive. Nationalist China did contact me, asking to be allies. I accepted the share map deal. They were invading Communist China, and sent my Mukden invasion force to help them.
      On the world scale, there are 19 coalitions, with 10 having at least 3 members. This is going to be a crazy game. Wish me luck!
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      Day 5: The Korean Empire
      This report is just a run-through of Days 2-5. Hope you enjoy. Make sure you hit that notifications bell, and smash that subscribe button.

      Diplomacy: I had gotten share map with Manchukuo and Nationalist China, who were in a coalition I wanted to join. British Odisha, South China, and Borneo were also in the coalition. I got share map with them on Day 2. Manchukuo had a large army and was expanding pretty fast. Nationalist China charged their entire army towards Communist China, managing to conquer the country, but losing much of their army. They next charged Sichuan, all but destroying their army. South china gained a ton of territory, but had a smaller army. (25 units by Day 5.) Borneo was destroyed by the Philippines. British Odisha had a huge army, but little territory. They were about to go inactive. On Day 2, an urgent dispatch was received from North Brazil. It informed me that Germany was now 69% more sus. This was troubling. Today, I managed to get share map with Bechuanaland, who was tied for first place in points. On day 4, I managed to get into the coalition. However, Manchukuo was kicked out. Nationalist China, (with 90 victory points and two units) was active, but not doing anything. British Odisha was about to go inactive. I am thinking about getting South China to turn against Nationalist China. Tell me what I should do in the replies.

      Domestic Affairs:
      On Day 5, my economy became world class. With 250,000 money and a surplus in metal, oil, and rare materials, I used the market to get more money. Morale was high, and everything was going well.

      Military Affairs:
      On Day 1, Japan attacked me. I destroyed his puny attacking army. I also invaded nearby Mukden. On Days 2-5, I finished off Japan, invaded Sakhalin, and am in the middle of attacking Khavaborosk with Manchukuo. I also declared war on the Philippines for invading my ally Borneo, and have gone sunk some ships in the seas with my impressive navy. (3 submarines, 4 destroyers, battleships, and cruisers each) My ground forces had a good mix of troops, mainly light tanks, artillery, infantry, and motorized infantry. I also have a bunch of anti air and anti tank. My air force is lacking, with only 7 planes. (Hence, the anti air.) I have had 15,000 casualties, and my enemies have 30,000.

      World News:
      The world was consolidating. Africa had started out with two coalitions, the African Union and the Bomnin people only. There was an intense civil war, and Bomnin won. Bechuanaland and Madagascar were taking all of South Africa in the background. Persia, Iraq, Turkestan, and Pakistan controlled the Middle East. North America is confusing. Europe is mainly inactive. Australia is unified. South America is controlled by a coalition called Bruh.

      I am in 5th/sixth place with 170 points. Things are looking good. Constructive critique is welcome. Until next time,
      keep winning games.
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      Days 6-8: The Growing Threat

      "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Life, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair," -Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

      Diplomatic Affairs:
      On day 5, my coalition was divided. Manchukuo was kicked out of the coalition by Nationalist China, who then made British Odisha the leader of the coalition. Nationalist China had two units and wasn't doing anything. I was still in the coalition. The diplomats yearned to get Nationalist China out; they had 90 free victory points. Eventually, Nationalist China was kicked out of the coalition and Manchukuo was let back in. South China was in a devastating war with the Philippines, but the war eventually ended. Philippines was actually a cool dude, so we let him into the coalition. Bechuanaland had some pretty funny articles in the newspaper, and was expanding rapidly. I got share map with him. By now, my coalition has 850 points, and is in first place. Nationalist China went inactive, and we are mopping up the remains. My coalition gets along pretty well. However, Upper Volta, a country in Africa, was posting off color and inappropriate things in the newspaper. (See my post, Newspaper ridiculing me for Reporting, what should I do?) I did my rightful duty and reported him. Then, him and North Sudan started ridiculing the unknown reporter in the newspaper. I put spies in North Sudan and gave Bechuanaland peace instead of share map. He hasn't revoked share map.

      Domestic Affairs: I have 250,000 dollars. I have given 100,000 away to South China and the Philippines, who are rebuilding their militaries. Morale is at an all time high. Japan has integrated into Korean society. North Brazil urgently reported that people spend more time on the toilet than exercising. Dictator Brutus passed the Decree of 1939. All people had to spend more time exercising than on the toilet.

      Military Affairs: The Korean Army rushed through Khavabarosk, all but destroying them on Day 5. On day 6, the army destroyed East Yakutia, and on Day 7, West Yakutia. Today, the army will get to rest. Casualties have been low. 5 units have been destroyed, and 6 units have been sent home due to high casualties. Tomorrow, Siberia will be destroyed. The Korean fleet attacked Okinawa, which for some reason had 8 troops from Northwest USA on it. They were not hurt. One infantry conquered Okinawa. However, there has been a bigger threat. In Africa, the Bomnin Boys 2 coalition reigned. They had Mauritania, North and South Sudan, and Upper Volta. Bechuanaland was in their back pocket. They were rapidly expanding into Europe and the Middle East. When dissaproval was given for these actions, words were shot back and forth. Now, we stand at an uneasy peace.

      World News: An alliance was formed in North America between Kentucky, Illinois, and New England. While they weren't in a coalition, they controlled all of North America, and were expanding into South America, with North Mexico, Venezuela, and South Argentina destroying the rest of South America. I gave North Brazil a city in Russia to retreat to. New Zealand, West Australia, and Queensland ruled Australia and the South Pacific. They fought a losing war against Madagascar.

      Conclusion: The First World War looms. Who will win?
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      Days 8-11: 1984


      For the first time in the game, I had reliable allies. However, I also had reliable enemies. Upper Volta, North Sudan, and Bechuanaland were in a war of words with me in the newspaper. My coalition wasn't ready for war. I tried to keep the peace in the newspaper. The Africa coalition invaded Southern Europe and the Middle East, destroying many countries. The war was unprovoked, and my coalition had close ties with Pakistan. I put trade embargos on them, and they said that if I didn't come up with a peace treaty fast, war would come. We eventually settled peace on the terms that no one would cross the tip of India. I would also pay Bechuanland 75000 dollars. However, a graver threat soon emerged. An alliance, not a coalition, involving Illinois, Venezuela, Kentucky, and New England emerged, and were taking over much of North and South America. I had good relations with North Brazil, and gave him a city. Arkhangelesk, the last country left in Russia, gave me share map for share map. He had a large army, so I, no fool, accepted. However, South China, who was in my coalition, had aggressive battleships in the Bering strait. Some Illinois troops were in Anchorage, and they got fired on. South China, despite my repeated urgings, never gave peace to Illinois. The next day, Kentucky and New England sneak attacked my coalition, and the Africa coalition. War was on.

      Domestic Affairs: On Day 9, I woke up to a beautiful sight in the World Herald. I was the richest nation. I had 400,000 dollars, and my economy was going well. 10000 plus for everything. More than 850 an hour for everything. East Russia had been Koreanized.

      Military Affairs: Siberia and North Ural were conquered in a beautiful invasion, with help from Manchukoise and South Chinese troops. I destroyed 6 North Ural heavy tanks with artillery. That was a beautiful sight. By now, I have 380 victory points. Against North American troops, there have been multiple successes, with 9 Kentuckese units sunk. I am in fifth place, and am sure to only get more.

      World News:
      The World was split into 3 major powers. One, containing Kentucky, Illinois, Venezuela, and New England almost controlled the Americas and Britain. I call them Oceania, after 1984. My coalition controlled all of Asia east of the Caspian sea, besides the Middle East. We would be East Asia. And a coalition in Africa controlled all of Africa, South and West Europe, and the Middle East. They were Eurasia. New Zealand, Yugoslavia, South Argentina, Arkhangelesk, and New Zealand were neutral. Until next time, keep giving constructive criticism.