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    • 1.5 Quickstarter Guide


      I've met a lot of players, lower and higher levels who are struggling with the different components of the game from the start. I wrote a quickstarter guide that will help you to play as efficient as possible the first eight days of the game to give you a head start:

      Resource management is very important because of the research tree. Chose your spendings wisely depending on your resource production and the terrain you are in. If you are low on oil and you are playing with a country like Turkey with a lot of mountains and little flat grounds where tanks get a 50% bonus, you can imagine that going for the armor branch would not be wise.

      1) Research:

      Day 1: Research is really important in this game because it gives your troops more strength. Start with researching artillery and armored cars. Armored cars will unlock the other armored units. After that, I usually research light tanks and submarines. After that, interceptors and destroyers. Finally research infantry which will unlock the unarmoured tech tree. Note that also producing destroyers instead of submarines and cruisers provide naval dominance early on.

      I prefer not to invest in militia because they cost a lot of manpower, have high daily upkeep, and low offensive strength.

      Day 2: Research infantry level two and upgrade your existing infantry. Having level 2 infantry will give you a huge advantage over your enemies!

      I usually ditch the light tanks at day two and research medium tanks. With medium tanks, you will easily beat players that produce light tanks. They are much more powerful than light tanks are barely cost more. Also, make sure to research motorised infantry. They are also very powerful. However the queen of the day two units to research is rocket artillery. As rocket artillery is an anti unarmoured unit they are perfect to counter all enemy units as most units in the early game are unarmoured.

      2) Construction:

      Resource management is very important so spend as less resources as possible. To accomplish that specialise each city in one branch: a tank plant city, two ordnance foundry cities, one naval base city and an aircraft factory city. If you don't have a coastline, you can build a barracks.

      Secondly build industry in each core city to build industry early on as it boosts your economy. When you upgrade your industry to level two prioritise the cities that produce resources that you lack. You can easily beat your neighbours economy-wise if you build industry. Remember, level one industry gives a 10% boost to production, level two 25%, all the way level five which gives a 100% boost to production.

      Thirdly, after a few days in the game when you start lacking manpower you can build a couple of recruitment centres. Build them in rural provinces where there's no resource production as those produce more manpower.

      Finally remember to upgrade your military production buildings. Once you start upgrading your units or want to produce tier 2 units like medium tanks, the production time will double. By upgrading your military production buildings you can halve the production times.

      3) Troops:

      Don't produce infantry as you start already with enough of them and you don't want to have a problem with food consumption a bit later in the game.

      In your tank city, first produce light tanks, then medium tanks. In your barracks city, don't produce anything until you research motorised infantry, then produce motorised infantry. In your ordinance city, rotate production between anti-tank, artillery, and anti-air. When SP Artillery and SP Anti-Air are researched, produce those instead of artillery and anti-air. In your aircraft city, build interceptors as scouts. After you research tactical and attack bombers, build those, as they deal damage while getting little back(except when your opponent has anti-air). What you do in your naval city depends on your opponent. If your opponent is building subs, build destroyers, opponent building destroyers, build cruisers, opponent building cruisers, build battleships and if your enemy builds battleships then build subs.

      Ships are vital if you are an island, so make sure to build ships if you are an island. Also railroadguns are very usefull if you are playing an island country.

      This is my build order:
      day 1: 4 tanks, 8 artillery, 3 subs, 2 interceptors.
      day 2: 1 medium tank, 2 destroyers, 2 cruisers, 2 rocket artillery, 2 anti air 2 interceptors
      day 3: 2 medium tank, 2 battleships, 3 tactical bombers, 6 rocket artillery, 2 anti air.

      4) Attack AI:

      On day 2 you can attack AI (computer players). Always keep 1 infantry in every city, always! You don't want an armoured car running havoc in your cores taking out your cities one by one. Also keep some units to man your borders.

      Take half of your infantry, 10 and make two stacks with 2 light tanks, 1 medium tank, 5 infantry, 1 armoured car, 4 artillery, 4 rocket artillery, 3 anti air. Artillery is a ranged unit that can kill from a distance without taking damage. The other units are in the stack to protect your artillery against air and ground units. The armoured car will function as a scout with it's large line of sight and reveals stealth units. When you encounter empty province you can split off your light tanks from your stacks to capture them.

      You can prevent revolts by capturing the capital last, it will raise your overall morale by 10%.

      The pro of attacking AI is that it will give you more production (through the morale boost and the extra city). The con is that another player might attack you while you are attacking the AI. Make sure you have units left behind to protect your important provinces from player attack.

      5) Attack Players:

      On day 4, you are now ready to attack a player. Do the same thing you did the AI, this time with more units. Make sure you have at least 30 units attacking.

      Important: Before you attack a player click on the "I" in the diplomacy menu to see the level and the stats of that player. If he is a good player you might want him as an ally rather than an enemy. If you want to play aggressively, you can attack a player on day one. Just make sure that you take out his cities before he has produced any units.


      Knowledge is power. Read the newspaper to see who is at war with who. If two players are in a war and you see in the newspaper that they both are taking huge losses you might want to invade when the fight is almost over and take everything.


      I have tried to write a simple guide but still advanced enough to stand your ground against more experienced players. I have met quite a few level 40 players who didn't have the knowledge and efficiency of this guide and who would lose against a beginner that mastered what I wrote. When you follow this guide, you will have a balanced army and a strong economy that will serve you well throughout out the game.
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    • BMfox wrote:

      I have tried to write a simple guide but still advanced enough to stand your ground against more experienced players.
      Doctrines are a different beast all together, that would require another guide. This is just a simple guide to help the beginners and average players survive the first days of the game and to stand a chance to survive longer.
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