How to BURN through 1,400,000 gold in 1 hour

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  • How to BURN through 1,400,000 gold in 1 hour

    ok im not very good at typing or writing but yer gonna hafta bear with me. cu this needs to ber said.

    it is possible to have a Call of War addiction problem. in your excitement you can spend far more gold than you know.

    during play discussions came up on good players getting together in a serious game. so already this is like WWF smackdown to me, a real game where it all matters, the supper bowl.

    at the same time pop ups came arround....Happy Birthday Call of war you can get a 100% bonus on your gold.

    so i bought a hundred bucks worth ...cha chinggg.. what a great deal.. i think ill buy another... cha chinggg

    now fast forward to the game of 22 where lots of high ranked players and a few MODs are in even. we wait, and wait and wait for the game to fill up... then BAng the gate opens....

    minute 1 adrenaliine high resourse starts low. i take my standard Greater Romania spot.

    i first begin 2 artillary factories, 2 tank factories, and an infantry factoriy. 3 seconds roll by i think too slow

    mind you i had 1,400,000 goin into the game

    i hit the make button... on ALL, THEN LEVEL 2 FOR EACH, BING MAKE IT 2 is fast but 3 will be faster so i step all up to level 3. al in less than 60 seconds, built.

    no moral my standard starter building, make it, buy the make, ching, all 5. (mind ya im only focusing on the 5 not the few minor with resource YET) propaganda only goes to 3 so that should be easy. run 3 on all 5 buy 3 on all 5. then same as recruit, only 3 so we do that run recuit to 3, buy the finnish. all 5 max propaganda, and max recruitment for manpower.....

    anyhow now industry. 1 is simple cheap, to 3 then 4 and of course i ran out of given resource 40 buildings ago. so the first pop is you don't have enough want to use gold to produce? YES!!! then gold to make it. level 3 and 4 industry take 2 or 3 times hitting that use gold to finish them.

    now i have industry to level 4 made on all, i buy industry to 3 on all the sub provinces, same way buy the resource with gold start the making, buy the making.

    then the research buy the artillary, tank, infantry, battleship, all bought with gold in less than a minute.

    no resource we begin making units, artillary work best in stacks of 10.... so buy a gun with gold to start making it, then buy its make time, 10 times, we got a stack, move it out, do it agaiun. we got a few borders we're gonna need about 10 stacks.... yep 10 times 10 and all bought with gold, as fast as the button could go.

    same with tanks, about 30, infantry, and 12 battleshiips. wait battles ships arent stealythy enough, lets do subs.... we buy sub research, make (BUY) 6 subs to spy on our neighbors.....

    this was all done in the first hour of the game. then diplomacy i write ukrane for a momentary truce. he agrees (momentarily) i offer to show map, he decines.... he tells me turkey is going to play a peacfull war...

    so i next write turkey, he and i show map. so he sees what i have created in less than an hour. 2 10 stacks of artillary tanks and infantry on all yugoslavian borders ready to pounce.

    word gets out to italy and he screams GOLD CHEAT kick Romania he's cheating and used gold, we arent supose to be using gold, he's cheating.

    Karl invited me so i asked him, gave him share map, he sees what it was too.... so there are witnesses that i actually could and did blow 1,400,000 gold in less than the first hour of gametime.

    mods playing i didnt want to offend the wrong people, circle my entire force..... and walk it out into the middle of the ocean... i stop all produtction.

    and quit the game......

    i re read the thread and nowhere did it say we wernt using gold, no one told me. till it was done....

    wrong? yeah i'd say so.. so i'm not asking for my $200 cash back. you can keep it and pay the electric bill...$$$ keep the server running..... but i would like the 1,400,00 back... wich to a game like this is simply pushing a button. to which at some time with the unsaid prevention of the use of gold.... i will repeat my action... and own the entire world in less than the time it takes to walk across it with artillary.

    oh and the newspaper had a little of this on record too.

    any opinions. cuz i've hear it both ways. 1 says it was wrong. another says ill never see any of it back. and watching it after i left they are using gold.
  • If you join a friendly game with forum users and moderators then it's self explanatory that players are not expected to use gold. Why else would you join a friendly match in the first place. The excuse: "nobody told me" is as old as the human race. Still you are an independent human being with a moral compas that makes free choices. In the back of your mind you know that spending 1,4 million gold in a friendly game wasn't maybe not that friendly after all. I could you only give one advice: "Think first before clicking on a button, that doesn't just count for COW but anywhere on the internet for that matter."

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  • Right, like BMfox said, making a $200 decision should probably have some consideration beforehand such as making sure it gets the effect you want.

    Also, though friendly games do have a sort of no gold implication, I only heard Grand complaining and crying about it, and he went inactive on day 3.

    I don't recall anyone else asking you to quit the game. Also not too sure they can get you back your 1,400,000 gold, considering your buildings are technically still being used.. albeit not by you.
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  • You shouldn't ask for your gold back. Period.

    Also here are some tips for you:

    • No need to spam level 5 buildings on day won't be able to research that high anyways
    • If you are going to spam gold, don't share map cause that makes you unpopular...idk what you were thinking
    • If you're going to join a forum/friendly game, unless otherwise specified, you don't use gold

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  • I'm sorry but spending 1.4mill in Gold in one game - and then asking for it back. :00008356: :00008359: :00008172: :00008172: :00008356: :00008359: :00008172: :00008356: :00008359: :00008356: :00008359: :P 8o :00008359: :00008356: :00008172: :00008172: :00008356: :00008172: :00008359: :00008172: :00008172: :00008359: :00008359: :00008172: :00008172: :00008356: :00008356: :00008356:
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  • Cloudpop2 wrote:

    You shouldn't ask for your gold back. Period.
    It's not even possible to give it back. Unfortunately we can't "unproduce" units or "unbuild" buildings. The gold is gone. Sorry.

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  • 1.4 M gold in an hour? Don't you think you're stepping a little over the line? I assume you just bought a bunch of gold, but really, I suggest you save it for later in the game. Wait until you can get rockets, heavy tanks, etc., I think 14 hundred thousand is enough to get you the win in the game easy, as long as you use your brain. Produce light tanks, heavy, paratroopers, and don't waste it building factories and burning them up without any purpose. And if you really do have that much, join a lot of games at once, you don't really need to plan, spamming 800 light tanks on day 1 ought to let you beat the entirety of Europe, Asia, America, and if Historic, well... wait a few more days for better units, do the same thing, and you win! I'll make sure not to join any games in the next three weeks, I don't want to get steamrolled :/ And yes IronKnight, I think spending $100 a day ought to be more than enough for anyone. Exactly why you are burning money on games, I don't understand, but I guess you have your reasons.

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  • I respect if you admit using THIS much gold. So many players would just keep saying they won because of their skill.

    Also hope such incidents don't happen in the future. I play the games just to be proud of myself whenever my strategy wins battles, etc. I don't spend $200 to win a game when all I get is a win on my game profile that will never affect my real life in any way. Though I appreciate it as a donation, I'd personally just spend all of it on blueprints lol...
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  • I would recommend spending gold that could help us in the long term such as blueprints and know what round to use it. Preferably, you could use gold on speed events, where the payout is huge. Though high risk high reward, at least it's not high risk low reward on your situation. That's my 2 cents at least...

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  • No offence, but i think i was completely right.
    1. This was a FREINDLY game you would be just ruining it by running over everyone, and thats just pay to win
    2. If this WAS normal game with strangers it would be fine until you started saying "im a pro player, im so good". Gold doesnt make a player good.
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  • i am neutral to this, i wouldnt mind getting steamrolled, to be honest i am in no power to judge anyone..
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  • It's an artificial definition that a game is 'friendly'. When is it ever 'hostile'? I mean, this is a GAME, so it's for fun.
    And I don't see any difference in ruining a game between forum wellknowns and a random game that I also join for a good sport.

    Excessive gold usage ruins the sports part - no matter if the game is friendly or not. It eradicates skill and replaces it with players random purchase power.

    I remain convinced that Bytro could still make lots of money from gold if there was some upper limit per hour/day etc.
  • You have COW gaming addiction and need CBT based therapy before it takes over your life.

    Gold helps pay for the game and make it free for those of us who can't afford to buy gold.

    Games can become pissing contests and you can be triggered into spending a lot of gold.

    Good game play, skill, teamwork and mutual RESPECT can win games without the need for gold.

    I use gold but from my winnings and not regularly, but as a last resort.

    If you think you have a gaming addiction, you need medical help, please message me and I can sign post you.


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