Too Many Spies

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    • Too Many Spies

      On day 26, I placed 10 counter spies in one city and 3 in another. This is what came back to me as intel.

      • We caught 145 spies of *** before they could execute their missions.
      • We caught 169 spies of *** after they executed their missions.
      • We caught 49 spies of *** before they could execute their missions.
      • We caught 13 spies of *** after they executed their missions.

        What am I looking at, the result of captures in the two cities? My opponent was listed as the wealthiest player and I think it said 60% while I think it gave me a 1% rating. I do, however, have the largest army and have climbed from 200 VPs to 800 VPs over the past week. My main opponent, has gone from 800 to 900. I do believe he is using the heck out of spies but this seems ridiculous. Although if I catch this many it will certainly impact his treasury.

        If I am playing a guy who plays 300 spies, what advice can you give? Thanks in advance. :)

    • Yeah, if he has 300 spies, he’s definitely using gold. The absolute most possible would usually be around 30, in my guess. This is not normal.
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    • This is a knock down, drag out game. He is not going to turn away. He can't.

      A week ago it was down to two coalitions and me. I couldn't get in either coalition. So I defeated the arrogant one (they quit). Now I am dealing with the cowardly one. Unfortunately their leader is pretty safe and comes at me through his allies territories. He hasn't done much so I fear he is building a huge invading force and spying the heck out of me. Oh and he is nuclear capable.

      I'm not calling him a golder since his empire is very static at 8 - 900 points. He may just be unconventional but if those sentences are correct it sure cost him on Day 26.

      I'm trying to win by capturing the rest of the world and wondering if I can win when my core provinces are glowing with radio active fall out.
    • Question, were they sabotage spies or intelligence? If they were sabotage and they didnt outright cripple u in 1 day then i believe it may as well be a bug as stated by Chimere.
      Did any of the spies Defect? Did multiple people send spies?
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    • I cut and pasted exactly what I got from the intel report only **** the name to protect the wicked. The spies are all from one individual who has been in first place for almost the entire time. He put a ton of spies in my capitol and yes he is using a combination of military and economoic sabatage. I can not build a building and all buildings that were built have been destroyed.

      I am surviving because I have expanded beyond my core and now have momentum. also with the exception of spies, he is extremely conservative. The next turn, I once again caught like half as many which would be a huge number in any other game.

      I think he is a reasonably new player who wants to see how far he can get with intel. The only way I've managed to keep going is to capture a few capitols and get an infusion of money.