How to play as Romainia Classical 1939

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    • What do you mean with classical map?

      Historical map for 30 players? Or really classical common 24er map, because Romania on 12er is not playeble.

      Also Romania i 30er historical should have right diplomatical skills.

      Offering on Italy and/or USSR being minor helper, even without coalitional membership. Playing without coalition give you Chance to have shared maps with all coalition, so you can stay between
      If you are on side of italy, devide yugoslavia together with italy. But take care on your core cities.
      Raise your army and industy. Try defencive warfare, but hold an ace back, be ready for landgrabbing, if enemy lose own troops i. war against third part.
      Trade with other players.
      And sometimes go all-in.
      Romania can wipe out an unexperienced USSR, if USSR use all his troops on same war versus other countries.