Which doctrine has the best looking units?

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    • Which doctrine has the best looking units?

      Doctrines as a system has always intrigued me since the beginning, but now I don't want to discuss balance, I want to discuss fashion. Which doctrine looks the best on the battlefield? I'll go through my list.

      1. Axis. Axis units are in black and just look terrifying on the map. Specifically any mobilized units. The SP artillery units and tanks look frightening. Their infantry hold them back a bit, as they look brown on the map.

      2. Allies. Allies units are very clean and basic, nothing extraordinary. They're probably the only doctrine to make the "weird" units look more natural, if you see a tank destroyer, paratrooper, commando, or any other rarely used unit you don't really look twice when it's allies.

      3. Comintern. Comintern units look like garbage, but they have a charm to them. I think their infantry look really good with their coats, but their mobilized units look really bad. All of them look really clunky and boxy until they're leveled. I guess that makes sense, high level Comintern tanks look threatening, which makes sense, if you see an IS-3 on the map you know you're screwed.

      4. Pan-Asian. Pan-Asian units look so bad, all their infantry look like untrained militia and their mobilized units look like they're made out of cardboard. Nothing to say here, I don't play them that much.
    • 1. Agreed on Axis looking cool.
      2. High level Allied units look cool and modern but the low level ones look like a toddler glued cardboard boxes together.
      3. Comintern units do look like a big horde but honestly they aren't really that good.
      4. Pan-asian armored units are pretty bad looking but high level pan-asian foot artillery are cool.

      But, the coolest looking unit ever, is the lvl 4 pan-asian AT gun. seriously. Take a look at it.
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    • Here's my opinion on best models:

      Militia: Axis
      Infantry: Allies
      Motorized Infantry: Allies

      Mechanized Infantry: Axis
      Commando: Pan-Asian
      Paratrooper: Pan-Asian

      Anti-Tank: Allies
      Anti-Tank T2: idk
      Artillery: Allies
      Artillery T2: Pan-Asian
      Anti-Air: Allies
      Anti-Air T2: idk
      SP Artillery: Comintern
      SP Artillery T2: Comintern

      SP Anti-Air: Allies
      SP Anti-Air T2: Comintern

      Armored Car: Axis
      Armored Car T2: idk
      Light Tank: Axis
      Light Tank T2: Allies
      Medium Tank: Pan-Asian
      Medium Tank T2: Axis
      Heavy Tank: Pan-Asian
      Heavy Tank T2: Comintern
      Tank Destroyer: Comintern

      Tank Destroyer T2: Allies

      Interceptor: Axis
      Attack Bomber: Axis
      Tactical Bomber: Axis

      Strategic Bomber: Allies
      Naval Bomber: Pan-Asian

      Battleship: Comintern

      Rocket Artillery: Pan-Asian
      SP Rocket Artillery: Comintern
    • i think Pan-Asian is just star wars units
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    • For me,
      Axis: Coolest medium, heavy, light tank, interceptor, naval bomber, and infantry design.
      Allies: Coolest tactical bomber, howitzer, paratroopers, and anti-air
      Pan-Asian: Coolest navy design, also good infantry, militia, commandos. Plus, most Asian aerial units look amazing.
      Comiterin: Sorry, but it looks like someone spray painted red graffiti on the units.

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