Your First Game In Call of War

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    • Your First Game In Call of War

      What did your first game in Call of War look like?
      I will talk about my experience first. In my first game as Call of War I was initially confused about how to produce units. I chose Italy as my first country to play in the Clash of Nations map I ended up producing several militia in the first day. However, I built infrastructure in each city the next day and I was able to produce several light tanks. I started spamming a bunch of light tanks. I decided to invade Switzerland on my third day. When my troops succeeded I was excited beyond comprehension and I thought I would win the game. I began built one tactical bomber and one flying bomb and decided it was time to invade France. Luckily, he was inactive, but I thought he was an active player. I used a flyings bomb to destroy a unit, I thought rockets would be able to destroy many units, so I built more. However, my level 1 tactical bomber almost dealt no damage to the infantry. I decided to quit producing them because I thought they were useless. The wierdest thing about my invasion was that I left one troop behind in every province when I captured one. I thought this would prevent a blitzkrieg breakthrough. I built one carrier, which I named the INS Bari. The good times would be over when UK decided to invade me. He easily defeated my armies because of his massive armies. I was pushed back and my forces were destroyed. It tried to encircle him, but it did nothing. Also, I lost by carrier. I was extremely distressed after the loss of my carrier.
    • Clash of Nations, 1.5. South USA

      This game was a pretty good one for me. When I started, I decided to invade Cuba on Day 1. I made some horrible mistakes in this invasion. I spent gold on a rural province to see if there were any troops in it. That was cringe-worthy. However, overall, the invasion was successful. Canada contacted me, asking for share map. I accepted. We had no more communication, though. However, North USA went inactive, and Canada and I split him. By now, things were looking pretty good. Across the sea, France had invaded England, and had basically conquered him. I decided to attack, along with Canada. Canada took England, and I took France, with low casualties. Now, I had discovered how to find how much damage your attack would do. However, while I had 140 victory points, a grave threat emerged. Finland, Communist Russia, and the Russian Empire were in a coalition with 450 victory points. Myself and Canada were the only other active players. I foolishly declared war, and was demolished. However, this game was a very memorable one. I won't forget it.
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    • I was UK when I first started I’m pretty sure. So basically I had no idea what to do. However I learned pretty quick how to produce units. I went for Ireland and I bombed it with some battleships. For some reason I thought bombing the city would make me take it. (It didn’t) so then I was so fused and then Canada my ally took it and then Italy conquered me
    • my very first game, i had UK, i allied with France, took over BeNeLux and moved east across Germany and took Sweden, after which i went afk.
      I had known what to do in the general strategy aspect as i had come over from other strategy game and with knowledge of basic military tactics.
      The tutorial was rather good, and though i didnt know all the concepts i just conquered.
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    • In my first game I was playing as Libya, I produced a lot of tactical bombers and light tanks, in terms of conquest and expansion I invaded Carthage/Tunisia while placing some troops near Egypt to deter an invasion. I also wrote some newspaper articles about my invasion of Carthage/Tunisia. Speaking of newspaper, the guy who was playing as Morocco was speaking stupid things in the newspaper so i reported him, so that means you can find people who speak stupid things even in your first game.
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    • My first game was epic... when i got ONE heavy tank i began whooping and saying i won the game
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    • I was greater finland. I conquered Scandanavia and allied myself with yugoslavia. I entered a stalemate with germany and bought a SP artillery army from yugoslavia that snuck around germany's rear. Yugoslavia went inactive so a won a coalition victory with just myself in the coalition.
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    • I was South USA. I was reading outdated guide on how to play the game. I build all barrack and started massing infantry. I took Cuba on day 1. I allied with North USA, he was also noob. Then I make coalition with UK and North USA. Next day I attack Morocco with 20 infantry but get wrecked by his light tanks so I left his land. He didn't come for me and instead he said we could be allies. North US went inactive, so I mass invaded him with a massive army from all sides which was completely unnecessary (All I had to do was move 1 troop into each province then declare war). Morocco joined coalition and UK went inactive. UK had invaded Canada btw. I invaded Norway but retreated for no reason then invaded it again. Then I invaded Sweden and lost half my army and finally Sweden. Then both Russias and UK declared war on me. Morocco had been carrying the entire game and had eaten up most of Europe. I went afk though because I didn't want to fight the AI in Canada and I was noob at the time.