All AI countrys declare war on me?!?!?

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    • All AI countrys declare war on me?!?!?

      Is normal this situation: i never attacked someone, everytime i let them attack me and after that i crush them... i play on the pacific map, and now after i destroy all active players, that they attacked me, now all the other AI contrys, 5 allreayd declare war on me... all the contries that i have border with me declar war on me.... and now, the australian-american alliance and friends, anathor 5 active players attacked me... is this norml? to fight alone against 5 is ok, maybe, but to have to watch and send troops also to another 5 AI aggresor is not kind funn!

      So, what is the reason the AI attacked me if i never attacked anyone adn is normal to fight 10 players and to have no solution to get PEACE with the AI countrys?
    • It is normal, your popularity isnt good.
      You should give all AI nations ROW at begining of every game, and be carefull to declare war all the times before attacking.

      Buth, if you gona play larger rounds, AI will allways attack you soo bether to attack them before.
      Фарис Синановић, Суна