Dystopian Future RP

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    • Dystopian Future RP

      1962 marked an important event in human history. The start of World War 3. The Cuban missile crisis caused the United Nations and the Warsaw Pact states to declare war on each other. Casualties were in the tens of millions. Warfare utterly destroyed manufacturing, transportation, and public services in all active nations. Millions were without food, famine and disease were widespread, and a contempt for the government grew. Most nations in Europe withdrew from the conflict, to quell rioting in their own nations. Many regimes were overthrown in the wake of the suffering. The United States split and the Soviet Union cracked like an egg into many different states, and new leaders are coming to power to try and put the pieces back together.

      Now then. This will have to be on the 22 player map for this scenario to work. You can pick any nation, and you must also pick an Ideology(unless you're Communist Russia), which you may change one time if need be. This is a scenario I've had floating around in my mind for a while, and i am eager to try. NOW. Here's the rules:
      1) When in war you may only take 5 provinces of the opposing nation before offering peace. This rule may be broken if the conflict lasts more then 10 days.
      2) 5 day peace period
      3) Post in the paper regularly, and when your nation does anything of importance. Like going to war.
      4) If you go to war with a nation that has the same ideology as you, you must address this. Ex: They are not true anarchists, and we are.
      5) You cannot make up a ideology, and NO NAZISM. Fascism is fine, however.
      6) Since industry was destroyed, there is a +5-10 day wait for making air units and tanks. (Yes, this includes rockets)
      7) Extension of Rule 1: NO EMPIRE BUILDING
      8 ) Must ask permission to enter another nations waters, or airspace.

      And that's it.
      In a sane society,
      Wealth and possession will not be seen as an asset.
    • Agreed, I would love to see this game launch off the ground as well. It is always good to break away from traditional RPs and try something new. Also hope check your PM on the site I sent yeah some information there for you to look at for ideas as well as my skype username and the name of the alliance John is speaking about, I can help connect you to RPers from there if you would like.