Quick stack compare option

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    • Quick stack compare option

      I think that it would be very usefull to add option to compare stacks.
      It could work as add army option, you select one unit and click new option "compare armys" then select stack you want to compare with and tab with compared stats pop up.

      Anyone have any corrections or think that this is not good idea, feel free to post it.
      Фарис Синановић, Суна
    • Of course it isn't, it will eventually end up in the devs introducing a new battle calculator. Us nerds live from being able to accurately calculate a battle on paper, we'd be dead by now if the less math-y guys had that option automated :D

      I think the only argument against this is there is quite a few options and buttons in CoW already. There may be different ideas like yours that could be implemented and useful, the problem is it would make it difficult to orientate. Also each function needs some time to be implemented and tested. I think the team just likes to make the game as easy to orientate in as possible without harming its strategy and complexity.

      It isn't all that difficult to do it yourself after all. Multiply the damage output against an armour class by the damage distribution of the opposing army, then combine the results against all armour classes and multiply by your health. Do the same for the enemy army, and the army with the larger outcome is likely to win. Of course this isn't accurate as you don't factor in different units losing health and dying at different rates, which causes your damage outputs against each other to change over time. But it's a good starting point ;) Well I guess you know that method already, anyway...
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    • Hornetkeeper wrote:

      Well I guess you know that method already, anyway...
      Yes, I do know how to predict how fight would finish, I am sugesting this cause of new players who dont understand that and never click on unit or stack info.
      I think that this option could help new players and save some time to skilled players.
      For us it dosnt rlly mather, i know outcome of battle without checking anything...
      Фарис Синановић, Суна