Pinned How to play the Pan Asian doctrine: Nationalist China day to day report on World at War

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    • How to play the Pan Asian doctrine: Nationalist China day to day report on World at War

      Hey Guys,

      Welcome to my first day to day report.
      It's the first Pan Asian country that I will play, lets discover what the buzz is about, Lets jump right in to it!

      Lets start with the Pan Asian bonuses which are sick.

      Move speed +20%: think about the possibilities here. In artillery vs artillery battles you can attack and retreat now and the enemy will never be able to counter attack you. Same goes for your navy, just attack, retreat and repeat. Motorized or Mechanized infantry that are already the fastest unit in the game are now even faster. Planes who are already super fast are now even faster which gives you not only an edge in air vs air battles but you can fly faster to whatever threat that comes up.

      +35 View Range: You see the enemy coming sooner than ever so you can prepare, they can't surprise you. Your fast units that are running havoc behind enemy lines can now see further and dodge easily any enemy units. The day 1 Armored Car now is just golden.

      +20 Terrain Bonus: this only counts for the existing terrain bonuses so for example artillery gets now a +70% bonus in hills and mountains. Armored cars or Light Tanks now have +70% in plains. Regular infantry has +70% in cities. This is like perfect for players who are willing to give up ground and to retreat in a favorable terrain type where they have the advantage and make a stand there, luring the enemy in the trap.

      -10% Hit points: Well there had to be a buff otherwise this doctrine would just be too overpowered.

      Specific unit bonuses:

      - Militia: the research to upgrade them is available sooner giving you an edge over your enemies.

      - Regular Infantry: 10% extra hit points, additional 30% bonus in forests and their research is available sooner. It makes the Pan Asian Regular Infantry OP and makes it a strong unit all game long when upgrade along the way.

      - Regular Artillery: 15% additional damage output to unarmored units (as most early units are unarmored this is a great bonus) 10% reduction in the production cost, earlier research acces which enables level 2 at day 2 and level 3 at day 4. Those bonuses combined with their additional doctrine terrain bonus makes this a very strong unit.

      - Armored Car: gets a 20% bonus vs unarmored troops (combined with the total of 70% terrain bonus on plains, enemy infantry or artillery better not get caught in that terrain). With the extra speed and line of sight that comes with the doctrine an AC has become a dangerous unit. It makes the Pan Asian AC the best scout unit in the game and perfectly suited to monitor your coastline with only a couple of them.

      - Light Tank: gets a 15% bonus vs unarmored AND light armored units. Additionally their research upgrades are available sooner which makes them perfect for early rush strategies.

      - Interceptor: 15% additional range, 15% additional damage to planes and research earlier available. Together with their already increased speed the Pan Asion interceptor is by far the best in the game where you can dominate Air vs Air battles. Due to their extra range they are perfect as scouts and to get closer to enemy airbases to take out their planes.

      - Naval Bombers: 15% additional damage against both submarines and ships, their research is available earlier on to upgrade them.

      - Cruisers: Their upgrade research is available sooner.

      - Battleships: 10% extra damage output vs ALL unit types!!!, 10% extra hitpoints (which equals the 10% Pan Asian health point penalty) and the upgrade research becomes available sooner.

      - Aircraft carriers: knowledge upgrades are available earlier.

      - Flying bomb: 20% more damage to all units and a 20% increase of production time. (as they are much weaker then a rocket, single use and can be shot down by interceptors they aren't interesting at all to produce)

      Specific unit penalties:

      - SP Anti Air: gets a penalty as it's later available in research. (It is OK as Pan Asian interceptors can do the same job)

      - Heavy Tank: penalty, research becomes available two days later. (Doesn't bother me, I never use them as they are way too slow)

      - Tank Destroyer: penalty, research becomes available later. (Doesn't bother me, the best anti tank unit for me is SP artillery and attack bombers)

      - Nuclear rocket, Nuclear bomber, Nuclear bomb: penalty, research becomes available two days later. (I never use nuclear as it's mainly overrated due to both the cost and the research time)

      First glance conclusion:

      Positive: This doctrine is probably the best doctrine for the more experienced players who are familiar with all the game mechanics, terrain bonuses and unit strength and weaknesses. If you are active and you login the game frequently then this doctrine is perfect for you.

      Negative: Most bonuses are for day one units so you start powerful, you can expand fast and it gives you an economical boost. However the doctrine becomes less dangerous towards the mid game and end game. Especially compared with Allies doctrine which becomes more dangerous over time or Axis and Comintern whom are more consistent throughout the game.

      Negative: The doctrine has a lot of knowledge upgrades that are unlocked but that are mainly useless as you lack the resources in early game to actually upgrade those units.

      Best tactic to use?

      I'm thinking fully upgraded AC supported by a lot of planes. Full upgraded LT, infantry, artillery and rocket artillery in a stack to tag along and clean up the bigger stacks. Of course naval bombers, subs, aircraft carriers and battleships protected by destroyers and cruisers. I'll basically try to use only the units that give me bonuses and try to exploit my speed, view range and terrain bonus as much as possible. The AC backed up by my planes would be my main push troop.
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    • Day 1: The Turtle

      So we start with only two players of my alliance but we end up to be four.
      I'm playing Nationalist China, my team mates are Tibet, Ma-Clique and Manchukuo so we are all Pan Asian.
      Usually when we join the map in Africa with alliance members playing Axis and Comintern doctrine we win the game in 18-20 days. How long would it take us with Pan Asian? Let's find out.

      Day one is pretty simple. There's no AI around me to get a quick economical boost and I've got 3 players around me that could be potentially hostile. I've got Taiwan on my east that is AI but I prefer not to attacking AI at day one. I only start attacking at day 2 when my artillery is in position and I can take over AI without losing a single unit. It's all about efficiency.

      South China offers to be allies with ROW. I refuse, firstly even though he's level 100, he has bad stats, secondly ROW is an open door for backstabbing, finally I never keep a nation alive around my cores. This way my cores are further from enemy threat and I can wage war and retreating into favorable terrain in non core provinces without any problem. So I politely promised not to attack him without making more engagements.

      Sichuan to my west offers ROW but I decline, after that he offers shared map for shared map I keep the offer open. (can come in handy later) I politely refuse him too and promise not to attack.

      Communist China has build buildings but no troops are moving. 12 hours go past but he's not moving. I guess he's inactive so I have found my first target.

      Construction and troop production:

      Shanghai: I build a naval base and industry afterwards, I also trained 3 submarines there.
      Wuhan: I build a tank plant and industry, I also train 2 armored cars and one light tank.
      Nachang: I build an ordonnance foundry, industry and a secret lab. I also train 3 artillery
      Changsha: I build an ordonnance foundry and industry, I also train 3 artillery
      Kian: I build an air factory and industry, I also train 2 interceptors.

      Troop organisation:

      As I have High Command I put everything in Queue and put rally points to assemble my army. I reorganize my starting army into two groups and keep an infantry in every city and an infantry plus AA in my capital Shanghai.
      Whatever you do ALWAYS keep minimum an infantry in your core cities. They can beat an AC or LT in defense especially Pan Asian as they get 70% in cities. In your cores you receive 15% less damage and deal 15% more damage so remember that. Anyway I put those two stacks close to my cities in the center of the country so that they can move to any threat.

      Please note that this screenshot has been taken later so i tried to reconstruct my troop positions.

      I keep a sub in front of my capital and the other two protect my south between Taiwan and my cores. I keep an infantry at my coastline at the South Chinese border in the Chuanchow mountains. Just in case, you never know. I keep one infantry in the mountains of Wenchow. I had now more or less visibility on all my coast in case that Japan or the Philippines get smart.

      I go to bed, I wake up and I have now two stacks of 4 infantry, 1 AC and 3 artillery and I have one single LT. I move them to the Com. China border.

      Neighbor at war:

      South China attacked Indochina before going to bed. When I wake up I see that the East of South China is already conquered and already offline. I smell an opportunity so I do the math:

      South China - 11,357
      Indochina - 6,661

      Indochina - 5,579
      Siam - 4,659

      Both have lost about 11K manpower or roughly 12 units. I can kill two countries with one stone. Souh China never gave a sign of life so I'm keeping my word in the end. I move in my troops, It's almost day change.

      Below you find a picture of my troop positions. Please note that this screenshot was taken later in the game.
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    • Day 2: The South Chinese and Indochinese war

      My troops are in place, I've got one stack headed for the double goods city Guilin where Indochina is about to lock himself into melee combat with South China. I've scouted as far as I could with my interceptor there were no other Indochinese troops around in the east owned by South China. In the west Indochina only left one LT. I've send my other stack to it. You never know what lurks in the shadows and I had no other troops around to block access to my cores.

      I set both my AC free from the artillery stacks and the LT. I send one AC to conquer all the empty South Chinese provinces and took the South Chinese capital without opposition. Not only does a capital boost your overal morale with 10% which results in an economic growth but it also gives the half of the money being 25.000$ thank you very much. I also took 2500 oil by doing so. Only one South Chinese remained which was his double steel. That's why I attacked Indochina in the first place. I wanted those resources and that economical boost as I didn't want him to grow too strong and attack me next.

      So my second AC has marched to Nanning, the double rare resource city that Indochina had taken from South China but left empty. After that I managed to march my AC all the way to Hanoi, Indochinas core double steel city. It was empty, his mistake and payed the price of 2500k goods for it. Thank you very much just what I needed! As always on day two I just ran out of goods. I retreated the AC as an LT was coming heading from the front. The LT was having fun in the west taking all the empty provinces.

      My two artillery stacks also had succes. I killed all the South Chinese (4 infantry and 1AC at 60% HP) and Indochinese troops (2 infantry). However I had put South China on ROW so that I wouldn't surprise attack South China because I wanted to take out the Indochinese troops first. Unfortunately that didn't work and so I ended up with both of them in war. But hey, it was for the good cause. My second arty stack managed to take out the AC in just two shots.

      3 more stacks of 5 units (infantry, AA, AC) was arriving at the front now. It was the rest of his starting units all of them pretty damaged already from the war with Siam and Indochina. The 3 stacks went into different directions and I feared on of them getting trough. It was giving up territory, shooting and pulling back most of the time until only 2 stacks remained.

      I had pulled out 4 infantry from my cities to man two forest provinces (70% bonus + 15% core bonus remember) at the border of my cores. They stopped the one LT I spotted in Hanoi. I managed to get my second artillery in place too. He basically marched his two stacks for 5 units into 10 infantry which received 85% bonus in total while being attacked by 6 artillery. It was over before it started.

      I took the remaining provinces in South china by putting an AC on a long march. I also sent a single infantry stacked with a single artillery to take the remaining double oil city of South China, Chaochow. Another 2500 oil, it pays of to wage war, Hoejah!

      end balance:

      Nationalist China - 1,534
      Indochina - 8,350

      The Philippines:

      He took Taiwan with 5 units and disembarked to take his troops to Okinawa next. I don't want a foreign nation with an island within bomber range from my cores so I've put a sub there on agressive fire settings. As I would be stationary he would run into my sub and surprise attack me instead giving him a 25% popularity penalty. Everything helps right?

      When I wake up the Philippines' troops are gone, we are at war and he sent over a single cruiser. Big mistake my subs dealt with it swiftly.

      end balance:

      Philippines - 5,628
      Nationalist China - 911

      Troop production and research:

      Research: Vital for day two is researching infantry level 2, upgrading those gives an extra edge over you enemy who didn't do this. And of course rocket artillery, start it straight away because it takes 14 hours to produce.I also researched cruisers.

      Construction: Industry level 2 in my goods city Nanchang

      Troop production: 1 sub, 1 destroyer, 1 cruiser, 1 rocket artillery, and upgrading infantry whenever I had the resources available.
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    • Day 3: The Indochinese war, the final stand. (rank 5 with 90 points)

      "Day 3 would be a sad day as I would have my first two casualties and I don't like to lose a unit. Not even a single one. Each unit represents a certain amount of resources, manpower and time that is lost and that you can never get back."


      So officially it's still day 2 as day change is at noon. I went to bed yesterday thinking I did it, all his starting troops are gone, surely he will give up. When I wake up, I notice that Indochina took back already 6 South Chinese provinces. I pulled back my troops to far that night and it will take me 7 hours to get to the front. Yes, I always pull back my troops when I go to bed. I never leave them at the front because you can lose your army while asleep due to artillery, bombers, battleships. It's better to lose some provinces and to take them back again. If you lose your army it's GG.

      He also messaged me at 3 am, thank you now I know which time zone you are in. Yesterday he has sent me messages too when I declared war looking for a diplomatic solution. There was none as I never allow any power close to my cores out of fear to get backstabbed. In the end it's a war game and you can't be friends with everyone. It's a wargame after all. I felt bad for the guy, he seemed a nice guy and he was polite. He was a regular friendly guy like me who just wants to have a nice game. It was only his fourth game and played only for 3 months so I promised to give him notes and feedback at the end of the war. He gave his best and had good fighting spirit.

      At day change I find myself without any goods. I read in the newspaper that there was a large explosion caused by spies in my goods city. Me not happy. I lost 800 goods and have no goods to produce the next bash of tactical bombers. But I'll make him pay as you will read below.

      Thanks to the large range and the speed of my Pan Asian interceptors i located all his troops. 2 light tanks were taking back the South Chinese provinces. A stack with 2 LT and 3 artillery was coming, another three single LT and two single infantry were coming. I'm glad to see that he produced artillery, he's showing a learning curve.

      I recalled 4 infantry out of my core cities and moved them to man my two border forest provinces just like I did yesterday. They arrived into position just in time and Indochina pulled back his two LT which were operating individually.

      7 LT operating individually and parting in all directions could be devastating as I only had two slow artillery stacks. I've built a second air factory in Guilin (the first South Chinese city I took where I ambushed Indochina with artillery when he was locked into battle). In Guilin the tactical bombers took the double time to produce due to low morale which didn't bother me as I would have 3 tactical bombers in the next 8 hours. I just had to bide my time.

      I was able to kill of the stack of 3 artillery and 2 LT. He was on the plains and I was in the hills where my artillery got 70% bonus. His stack was only 5 units my stack was 9 units of which 4 artillery. You do the math, it was over quickly. On top of it he wasn't online during that battle so every half an hour I attacked and retreated before the system counter attacks. I never took any damage. My other artillery stack was able to kill off another tank so he had only 4 tanks left.

      With most of his units gone I took back all of South China and advanced to his cores. I attacked the AI Yunnan along the way with only one AC. The AI was in war with Sichuan and had no more units in it's cores. As the capital is a double goods and I was low on goods it was a temptation I couldn't resist. It gave me an overal 10% morale increase and 2500 goods. With another AC I was able to take Hanoi for the second time, as it was lower on morale now it gave me 2000 goods. Indochina took back Hanoi shortly after with a single infantry but I don't mind, I could take it for a third time :)

      Indochina was on the retreat now but I managed to block his single units and finish them off with artillery. He also attacked two infantry in a forest (+70% remember) and another one got picked of by my stack of 3 interceptors and 3 tactical bombers. It was his final death stroke and he pulled back his units south to protect his remaining 4 cities.

      It was almost nighttime so I've sent my AC's as much south as I could with a march set back north in the plains where I had already an LT. On the coast in the hills I've left a stack of artillery. My final stack was on auto march with offensive fire settings to finish of two infantry and one artillery and take position in a forest. I also took Hanoi which gave me and additional 1500 goods. (I took a total of 7000 goods of him just because he didn't leave an infantry in his city) I chose those provinces carefully as with these 3 provinces occupied the way to South China and my cores. Each terrain gave me an advantage per troop type. If he tried to get single units trough or the Phillipines or Sumatra arrived to help him it should not matter that I was offline. With my AC further south taking provinces and moving back north as I was offline, they would have a longer marching time north as they were in enemy territory.

      Nationalist China - 3,143
      Indochina - 25,863

      The Philippines:

      He kept poking with single units trying to reach the mainland but they got killed by my subs. He also got one shot at my destroyer with a cruiser. I pulled back my destroyer to join up with my newly produced cruiser and the sub that protected my capital. He followed me and his cruiser got killed, shortly after a second cruiser arrived and I defeated it too. In the proces I lost 2 subs but he lost 3 cruisers now in total (1 yesterday, 2 today) also my cruiser and destroyer were now at 75% health. If he would keep attacking I would get in trouble as I has little resource to produce more naval units. I used my last resources to produce an LT, artillery and tactical bombers to keep Indochina at bay. Luckily for me The Philippines and Borneo were at war too, he was losing so his attention was turned elsewhere.

      Philippines - 10,617
      Nationalist China - 2,086


      Sumatra joined the coalition with The Philippines and Indochina. He attacked Borneo successfully to bail out The Philippines who was losing. It was the final stroke for Borneo and it fell in one day.

      My tacs killed the last Indochine and South Chinese unit on the island of Hainan and started embarking an AC to take it. Just when I was ready to go to bed and the AC was embarked and crossing the South Chinese Sea a single battleship of Sumatra shows up. I've sent over one sub of 75% health with agressive fire settings to the zone of soon to be conflict and give him a trade embargo.

      I tried diplomacy and sent him: "I have spotted a beautiful battleship at the coast of Haikou. It looks like you are about to attack my convoy there. I would invite you to think twice before you make me your enemy. I have no interest in attacking the Island states, hopping from island to island.

      I've been fighting Indochina in a 1 vs 1 fair and square. All though the Philippines interfered in the fight all he accomplished was losing 3 cruisers and 8 units. If it wasn't for your help he would have lost against Borneo. With Indochina on de verge of defeat it might be a god idea to re-evaluate your alliances."

      When i woke up he had replied that he didn't want war with me and he had left the coalition. Mission diplomacy has prevailed. My sub unfortunately has been sunk and it had surprise attacked his battleship. I never saw where his battleship went as I was asleep but my AC had taken the Isle of Hainan so mission accomplished. With my AC on the Island I had eyes on the whole of the Bay.

      Troop production and research:

      Research: tactical bombers, naval bombers, attack bombers.

      Construction: industry level 2 in my goods city, an air factory in Taiwan, Guilin and Hanoi.

      Production: 2 artillery, 2 rocket artillery, 5 tactical bombers, 2 attack bombers, 3 naval bombers, I also upgrade my last infantry units to level 2.
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    • Day 4: A new threat, war on Sumatra (rank 5 with 120 points)

      Day 4 is always a monumental day for me. The list of the worlds largest armies is published, Inactive players go AI and you discover who the driving powers are in the map. Everything just becomes clearer on day 4.

      "First thing I do on day 4 is giving ROW to all countries who went inactive. First and foremost to avoid that my ships and subs on agressive fire settings don't declare war to AI nations. Only units with agressive fire settings will open fire at sea on a 'friendly' nation. I don't allow any nation to approach my coast. Secondly I do it to boost my global popularity so that AI don't end up declaring war on me. Also for these reasons I give all AI nations shared intelligence as soon as I start a new game."

      I had the largest army of 3% with a total of 64 units.
      The picture below shows the situation just before day change.

      Sadly a third of the map, 34 players went AI. In my North East Korea and Japan went inactive. I didn't really fear an invasion from Japan as my ally Manchukuo had shared maps with him. In my South Papua New Guinea and West Australia went AWOL. This leaves only 5 players to beat in Oceania of which I'm already at war with two. In the North both East and West Yakutia are inactive too.

      The team plan is simple: get connected and expand:
      - Manchukuo finishes off Communist China so that we are connected and takes down Korea and Japan afterwards so that we can set up a submarine ring using all the islands as a barrier and airports for naval bombers. America is far from united but the on in warfare that made the best preparations usually wins. He also needs to build a navy now that he's no longer landlocked.

      - Tibet needs to finish off Borneo so that we are connected and expand East. He also needs to build a navy now that he's no longer landlocked.

      - Ma-Clique finishes off Sichuan and expands East.

      - Nationalist China: I will invade all the island states and Australia.

      Basically we wont waste too much time on AI but first take out the competition. Most players would do it the other way around and attack AI but that's not a good idea. It's better to take out the players first as with every player that you take out, there's less competition left and you have a bigger chance to win. If you would attack AI then you give the players near you more time to grow stronger and prepare. In the mean time you are losing units against AI while they grow stronger. They might even attack you while you are occupied fighting AI.

      The picture below shows my armies and troop movements at day change:


      He's basically out of the game as he's hamstrung and has only a few units left. I'm moving my army south with one artillery stack following the coastline and one heading for the capital. A lone tactical bomber attacks a province somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Again Indochina shows a learning curve as he produced stacks after he experienced yesterday how good they are. The only thing is that he hasn't figured out yet how to use them. I've sent my 5 interceptors on patrol in that location and the tactical bomber was gone instantly as soon as it attacked.
      I go deeper and deeper in his cores, nothing noteworthy happens.

      Indochina has only 3 provinces left when he messages me. I give him notes and feedback how to improve. I share him all the useful links to the forum guides. He's thankful and sends me 15.000 steel. Say whaaaat!!! 15K steel, yeah that's golden right? Tibet sends me 10K oil as well, operation upgrade industry starts right away.

      If I can give one advice: "Always stay friendly to your opponents, talk to them, be polite, give them some feedback in the end. I often get the rest of the resources from my conquered enemies which helps me out a lot economically."


      All of a sudden a red dot pops up in Indochina's double steel city Phu-Yen. I'm furious, the guy took that city and the 2500 steel that comes with it. I was very short on steel at that time. If there's one thing that really sets me up is another player barging in like he owns the place and grabs whatever he wants while I worked my so hard the past two days to beat my opponent. Once the juicy rewards were finally in sight someone takes it right in front of your nose.

      I offered him ROW for ROW earlier as he left his alliance and we ended up in war overnight due to the battleship and sub collusion. There was no answer so I cancel the trade and offer peace for 2500 steal. 10 hours go by but there's no reply. Also in Bangkok troops showed up and took it.

      I didn't wait for his replay, the artillery moved in. He had two stacks of 6 infantry and 1 AA which were already well damaged. His starting troops coming from Borneo I guess. When his stacks were obliterated he messaged me and accepted the trade metal for peace. I figured he wasn't that active as a player anyway which showed also in his stats. With all those units I killed already and what he had lost in other wars he wouldn't be an active ally. Again it gave me a bad feeling as he also was simply a regular, correct and polite guy who had helped his team mates in the past days. I turned my heart in stone and continued the conquest.

      I took the rest of what is today Malaysia and killed 2 AC and 3 LT with my bombers which were disembarking there.
      I was wary to go to bed as I knew that Sumatra had battleships and I could get attacked everywhere. I've patrolled my bombers as best as I could, put my stack of two cruisers and two destroyers close to the end point and sent the artillery stack on it's night march hoping for the best. It turned out alright, when I woke up Malaysia was mine and my army was intact. Overnight I flew over my 3 naval bombers from Taiwan to the South of Indochina to have more support and I queued 3 more naval bombers in Taiwan to safeguard my cores.

      Sumatra - 12,233
      Nationalist China - 256

      The Philippines:

      Nothing happened, not a peep, no more units are being send over, nothing. My guess is that he probably gave up already and will go AI in two days time.

      Construction, research and production:

      - Level 2 naval base in Shanghai
      - Level 1 and 2 naval base in Canton (South China)
      - Level 3 industry in my double goods city
      - Level 2 industry in my other 4 core cities

      Unit production: 3 rocket artillery, 4 destroyers,3 cruisers

      - Battleship (finally I had the resources available as it is quite expensive to research)
      - Artillery level 2
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    • Day 5: War on Sumatra (rank 2 with 200 points)

      Following two pictures show my troop positions at day change:

      The last picture below shows the situation in Asia at day change:

      Today another 7 nations go AI. Important for me is that New South Wales also goes AWOL. This leaves only Sumatra and the Philippines to finish off and then I can move to the two remaining Australian players and New Zealand. When I realize this I will have secured all of Oceania and the Pacific.

      The Philippines:

      Just like yesterday there's nothing to report, he certainly will go AI tomorrow.


      My navy (2 destroyers, 2 cruisers, 2 submarines) secures the passage in between present Malaysia to the Eastern island of Sumatra so that my troops can cross. My air force of 5 interceptors, 5 tactical bombers, 5 attack bombers and 3 naval bombers are in standby in case that Sumatra resists but nothing noteworthy happened. The Eastern Island fell without any noteworthy events.

      The rest of my navy (3 destroyers, 3 cruisers and 2 submarines sail to South Indochina. They pick up my stack there and escort it to Borneo. The units land safely. I set them on march before I go to bed. As Sumatra is inactive I foresee not problems.

      When I wake up I see that the half of Borneo has already been conquered and the artillery have done their job killing off remaining troops. My armored car spotted two more stacks in Northern Borneo. Unfortunately my single LT was marching in range of two Sumatra battleships and were beyond saving. The 4th casualty of this game has become reality.

      Sumatra - 20,363
      Nationalist China - 1,205

      Production, construction and research:

      Production: 4 battleships and 4 destroyers, I also upgrade the remaining artillery to level 2.

      Research: destroyer level 2 and submarine level 2

      Construction: no available resources for such luxury today
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    • Day 6: The end of Sumatra? (place 1, 240 points)

      Finally I'm ranked first place in the diplomacy list. Not only that but I'm also ranked first in today's economy list. The Pan Asian Coalition has been made today as well which is ranked head and shoulders above the others. It is it our doctrine that is superior or is our map inactive? In any case ranking number 1, having the largest economy and army is a luxury position to be in. Will it last?

      another 9 nations bailed out. Among them the Philippines, what as surprise ;) Also New Zealand has left the stage. This leaves Queensland as the last remaining player in the Oceanian theater. The poor guy has no idea what's coming for him.

      Ranking coalition.jpg…037a734defc657876d6106c24

      The Philippines:

      The AI loses a couple of provinces in Sumatran Borneo that rebelled to it and the AI loses another cruiser. Other than that nothing noteworthy to mention.

      Philippines - 12,057
      Nationalist China - 2,086


      My tactical bombers deal quickly with the 4 single infantry on every island. I take over island after island and with the capital taken only one island remains. The two cities and capital will further boost my economy. I took the capital just before day change with day 7 this way all the provinces I took today are secured against rebellion.

      Okinawa - 4,160
      Nationalist China - 454


      My two destroyers and two battleships make rendez-vous at Canton with the two destroyers and two battleships there. They sail to South Indochina to pick up 3 rocket artillery and sail to north Borneo where the meet another 3 destroyers, 3 cruisers and 2 subs. They sail out to take out the two battleships who killed my LT and to bombard the crap out of the remaining 4 Sumatran Infantry. I take a shot at the two battleships and pull back immediately after. As the program needs 3 minutes to counter fire i'm out of range by then. I repeat the fire and retreat three times and take out those juicy battleships without any damage. The infantry take 3 shots and they are history as well. The Pan Asian battleships with their bonus are amazing!

      At the same time my troops are disembarking on the eastern island of Sumatra. I notice troops in the capital so i send in my two cruisers and two destroyers in to bombard them. Unfortunately there are 5 infantry, 3 artillery and 2 anti tank there. The artillery outguns my cruisers in firepower so I pull them back again but they took unnecessary damage. My stack cannot hope to defeat the enemy. I have 3 artillery too that is level 2 and one rocket artillery, I have more fire power than he has. However he is in his cores so he deals 15% more damage and will take 15% less damage. Additionally his 5 infantry are in a city where they receive 70% bonus on top of the core province bonus. My stack would be positioned in a plain where only my LT would get a bonus but that won't cut it.

      I wish I had my tactical bombers still there but I've sent them to Taiwan yesterday. Today my tacticals are attacking the AI islands of Okinawa. Not only will this give me an economical boost and resources but it will help me to put up defenses on islands which form a natural defensive barrier against an American invasion. So I split my 4 battleships and 4 destroyers from the rest of my navy and sail them to the Sumatra capital. The battleships have a larger range so they will kill what remains without taking any damage.

      However there is another solution to this problem. I can attack with my artillery stack and pull back straight after. If a player is not online, the system will automatically counterattack. The twitch to it is that it takes 3 minutes for the system to do this. Meaning, if you march out of range right after your attack, you won't get counter attacked. In other words, you get a free shot. Of course it's time intensive as you need to attack and pull back manually every 30 minutes but it pays off in the end. I chose to bring in my battleships and do this the easy way because I want to go to bed.

      For illustration I did the attack and retreat tactic twice. As you can see on the pictures below, the Sumatra stack will lose 10 health points ever time. If I would repeat the attack and retreat tactic 10 times then the stack would be annihilated and I would still be at the same health that I started. If on the other hand would have gone for a classic artillery duel i would have lost the battle due to the Sumatras' core province bonus and the infantry bonus as explained above.

      On the picture above you see me moving in to take the first shot. My health is at 153.9/168

      The Sumatra stack is at 100.7/130 health before my attack.

      I force march my stack out of range with my whole stack still intact, I took 0 damage.

      After repeating this twice you can see that his health has dropped to 80.4/130

      Sumatra - 37,434
      Nationalist China - 1,467

      Construction, production and research:

      Research: infantry level 3, interceptor level 2, Armored Car level 2, Light Tank level 2

      I upgrade all my military buildings in my cores or close to my cores to level 2
      - 2x ordnance foundries
      - tank plant
      - 3x air factory
      - barracks (repair in Kuala Lumpur)
      - 2 recruitment centres in my rural core provinces which have no resource production as they produce the highest amount of manpower.

      - I upgraded all my subs and destroyers to level 2
      - produced an additional 4 subs to secure the access to my cores and to prevent AI Philippines to send units to my cores
      - 4 anti air
      - 4 interceptors and 3 tactical bombers, 2 attack bombers
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    • This is a great playthrough. I don't know how I didn't see this until now. You've conquered 3 player countries with the loss of 4 units. I have a few questions, though. 1. Who are the major powers in this map? 2. Where are you going to go after Australia? It's the time of game where you need to start looking around. If there's been no clear winner in America, yet, I'd suggest going after them.

      - David Goggins
    • BrutusTrump wrote:

      This is a great playthrough. I don't know how I didn't see this until now. You've conquered 3 player countries with the loss of 4 units. I have a few questions, though. 1. Who are the major powers in this map? 2. Where are you going to go after Australia? It's the time of game where you need to start looking around. If there's been no clear winner in America, yet, I'd suggest going after them.
      You couldn't see it, it was hidden ;)

      The major powers are our team of four. Saudi Arabia is a driving power, I invited him in our coalition. He has left his and will join us in 72 hours. We have shared maps. Sumatra was a major power but he's no more. You can find the top 10 here below.

      After Australia I was going to go to North America. I have ROW with AI Central America where I can establish a foothold. From there I can expand north into South Mexico. Moving to South America isn't an option as there I would play 1 vs 5. Where as in North America, Manchukuo can support me there and we can take the continent with the two of us. I'll probably try to reach a diplomatic understanding with the South Americans and suggest that they take Africa and we take North America, Asia and Europe.

      At least that was the plan but British Columbia has surprise attacked me. We have a history as I reported him for profanity and spam in the newspaper, he also had a prohibited player and coalition name. I guess he's after revenge. Too bad for him that he didn't escort his units and he's losing everything at sea as we speak. I have ROW with Alaska as well where I could land safely and march into BC afterwards.

      I'll see, the two options are viable.
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    • Day 7: A new ally and a new foe (rank 1, 310 points)

      So it's day 7 today, and the most developed countries on terms of research are published. No surprise there, I'm rank 7 so not tat high in the ranking. Well I never am, I only research the units that I use and the upgrade that I need.
      Another 4 nations go AI, one of which is Sumatra. Also here, no surprises.

      This is how Asia looks like at day change:

      British Columbia:

      Just before day change i see BC units popping up on my screen in the Pacific. They turn out to be convoys. Again no surprise here as we have our history. At day 1 I reported him for profanity in the newspaper, a prohibited player and coalition name. He was being a child in the newspaper insulting everyone, he's not that good of a player but still has decent stats. We are talking about a level 50 with a KD of 1, 25 games joined and 0 wins. He has reason to have a grudge against me I guess.

      He turned AI on day 4 and came back on day 6. I figure he just came online to send all of his army to me and goes back AWOL, which should be tomorrow. His units aren't stacked, there's no warships neither. The biggest stack was only 5 units. Luckily I have subs that ring my territory and my 3 naval bombers make short work of those juice convoys. We are only 9 hours into day 7 and he already wasted 24 units (1 interceptor, 5 Light Tanks, 5 artillery and 13 infantry).

      Nationalist China - 262
      British Columbia - 12,551


      For starters, I'd like to explain that I took risks as Sumatra is inactive that I usually wouldn't take. Firstly yesterday I landed in Borneo while my planes didn't have the range to assist and I had no AA in my stack. If Sumatra was active and had bombers, it would have ended badly. Secondly While asleep I disembarked my troops out of Borneo under the cover of 4 destroyers and 4 cruisers. However if Sumatra was active and had battleships, he had all night to bombard me, again not so good for me. Also last night I was bombarding his capital with 4 battleships and 4 destroyers, a stack of 10 naval bombers level 2 would have been bad news.

      This being said, this is how the situation looks like at day change:

      Got my battleships bombarding the troops in range, my planes are flying into the action, units are disembarking on the last main island. All the cores have fallen but the eastern islands. Nine hours later this island is mine and Sumatra's last unit is killed.

      The final death count is:

      Sumatra - 43,642
      Nationalist China - 1,467

      The Philippines:

      With Phil offline weird things happen. He has two tacs that are attacking a waypoint in the Chinese Sea where by coincidence on of my subs is. Now subs are supposed to be stealth right? Well somehow the tacticals did damage to a unit they can't see, it's what's called in the game as splash damage. Anyhow my sub loses 1.7/30 health. I make him pay however as for the second attack, I've got my interceptors in position this time and the two tacs drop of the radar instantly.

      With two birds with one stone the territory and troops of the Philippines on the last Borneo island got conquered. With airbases build and new planes trained I can now reach both North and South of the Islands securing a safe spot to land on two sides. The Philippines will fall tomorrow.

      Philippines - 17,946
      Nationalist China - 2,549

      A new ally: Saudi Arabia:

      So we have one more space left in our coalition. I was racing toe to toe for the first spot on the ranking and the biggest army so I figure he could be good adition to the team. On after one his coalition turned inactive leaving only with Egypt, whom is to say it respectfully not a big help. He agrees, leaves his alliance, shares maps with us and will join the coalition in 72 hours once his penalty has passed.

      Everything great right but no, it isn't. He's the typical COW player, meaning tanks, tanks, tanks. It's like there doesn't exist other units. He exclusively has stacks of 10 AC, LT or Medium Tanks and sends them on long marches. Easy right, you can just overrun everyone, it doesn't take micro management and you don't really need to be active. There's a flaw however, it's soo easy to counter. Furthermore he has no navy so he's open to an invasion from all sides by sea.

      He does some things right though: his core cities are protected with infantry and he has planes. All though they are sitting uselessly in the airbase and if there's a motorized infantry from an African nation that arrives he will lose them.
      Kind hearted as I am, I send him some advice.

      Production, construction and research:

      1x recruitment center level 1 and 3x recruitment center level 2
      I also upgraded a fourth air factory to level 2

      Research: AC level 2, LT level 2, rocket artillery level 2 and aircraft carrier

      1 interceptor, 2 tactical bombers, 3 attack bombers, 2 AA, and 2 subs. I also upgraded 4 interceptors to level 2.
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    • Day 8: Peace at last, an economic push and consolidation (rank 1, 370 points)

      Another 4 players have gone AWOL, among them both BC and Queensland.
      This was expected as the two of them were losing badly against AI, I thought them to be inactive.
      Still good news as AI BC gave me cease fire (thanks to my high global popularity) and I've put him on peace.
      With Queensland gone AI, I have no more threats on my flank so I can focus on the invasion of North America.

      The end of the war with the Philippines

      My airforce and naval bombers destroyed all remaining units yesterday.
      The only thing left to do is to occupy the remaining territory.

      One minor thing happened tough. As my artillery stack of 11 units still had 54 minutes disembarkation left, the AI produced a cruiser in Naga and bombarded my convoy. Luckily my battleships were only 9 minutes away and I killed the cruiser with a single shot.

      Military organisation:

      Just like day 4, also on day 8 I have the biggest army with 114 units. No surprise here as I've only lost 4 units being 1 AC, 1 LT and 2 subs.

      As you can see, my team are all in the top 6 which is great.
      Which is less great is our ally Saudi Arabia that's not so good but on the upside he's following the notes that I've sent him. Another worry is that Tibet has made a NAP with India which has allowed him to grow strong. He's better than Saudi Arabia but as SA is now an ally when have to live with the choice that we have made. Ma-Clique is occupied with the Russian states and has made a border with Poland so he won't be able to help. SA has turned his eye on Egypt and both Manchukuo and me are on the other side of the continent preparing an invasion in the Amerikas.

      The aim of today is to:
      - upgrade as many units as I can to level 2
      - produce extra subs to make a naval blockade using the islands as much as possible.
      - construct a network of airbases so I can scout far into sea and fly in assistance when needed.
      - Research and produce aircraft carriers.

      Army composition:

      At the end of the day 8 I have:

      - air force:

      10 interceptors of level 2, 11 tactical bombers of level 2, 9 attack bombers level 1, 6 naval bombers level 2.

      - navy:

      17 subs level 2, 9 destroyers level 2, 5 cruisers level 1, 4 battleships level 1, 5 air carriers level 1

      - army:

      16 infantry level 3, 9 AA level 1, 9 artillery level 2, 2 LT level 2 and one LT level 1, 3 AC level 2, 6 rocket artillery level 2.

      Plans for the next days:

      I want 15 regular artillery, 15 rocket artillery, 12 AA, 12 anti tank, 21 infantry all level 3 which I can organise in 3 stacks.

      6 LT level 3 and 6 AC level 3 in combination of level 3 planes to see the Pan Asian doctrine at it's best.

      Upgrade my destroyers and subs to level 2. Upgrade an produce some more battle ships and cruisers of level 2, and have 6 carriers level 3

      Produce more interceptors, tacs and attack bombers to support the invasion and also to have an air force based at home to deal with any incursions.

      Produce more naval bomber so secure the islands and the approach to my cores from all sides. This in combination with the production of a Quick Reaction Naval force behind my blockade which can sail to any threat. The goal is to spot, scout and kill any invasion force before it can disembark on my shores.

      Current military buildings:

      2 Barracks ( one of level 2 and one of level 3)
      2 Ordnance Factories of level 2
      1 Tank plant of level 2
      5 Aircraft factories (1 of level 3 and 4 of level 2)
      2 Naval Bases (1 of level 3 and one of level 2)
      1 Secret lab level 2

      one building per city of course for resource optimization.
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    • Day 9: Economical expansion and completion of the naval blockade

      As the tittle suggests my naval blockade is complete and all it needs is a final touch. This his how it looks like:

      I've used the islands as much as I can to block out all incursions on my territory. I have two stacks of 3 naval bombers level 2, one in the north and one in the south west. Whatever my subs will see, my naval bombers can investigate and they have a large range for scouting. All I need now is more naval bombers to cover all sectors and two naval groups as a Quick Response Force to kill of whatever gets trough.

      Thanks to the network of the airbases all over the islands I can fly to any direction rather fast. My level 2 tacs are able to reach West Australia operating out of the most southern island of Sumatra. All that's left to do is produce a couple of more subs to lock the Sumatra Islands in between them and the Straight between Sumatra and Australia.


      I have a stable production now thanks to my industry that is upgrading towards level 4 and the 10% morale increase that I have received from each capital that I took. The income of the spoils of war have been invested in economy. If you use all that income to build an army and you don't upgrade your infantry you will get in trouble. In that case you would have a high daily upkeep and an underdeveloped economy that's not really capable to maintain it. This would cause you to stagnate and you will start to lack the resources that you need to build troops, upgrade buildings or to do research. Lastly I'm also the proud owner of 3 level 3 recruitment centres as I lack manpower all the time now.


      In Europe there is one coalition of 4 players that is reigning, which we can beat easily.
      Africa isn't united and war is raging, 7 players are active
      In North America only 3 players are left active.
      In South America the remaining 4 players have made a coalition together and the continent is united. The weird thing is that Argentina, the fifth player on the continent isn't in their coalition. The question is to which way they will expand. Do I strike a deal with them to work together and invade the remaining continents together? Or do I invade South Amerika for the benefit of this guide and to fully explore the Pan Asion potential?

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    • Why havent i seen this sooner, it is day 28 in my WaW 4x game and i South China stand tall and first with 1470 VPs, and i literally spent the entire day today invading and retreatng from the continent with no casualties inflicted to me. (excepting a fleet i lost as it was upgrading)
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    • Karl von Krass wrote:

      Why havent i seen this sooner, it is day 28 in my WaW 4x game and i South China stand tall and first with 1470 VPs, and i literally spent the entire day today invading and retreatng from the continent with no casualties inflicted to me. (excepting a fleet i lost as it was upgrading)
      I only published the thread two days ago. Have been working on it from behind the scene for a couple of days.
      Yes Pan Asian is great for players who are online a lot and use the terrain to their advantage.
      Damn 4x with Pan Asian must be like playing Counterstrike, LOL.
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    • yes its totally awesome, i am at the gates of london rn, and i have proven that i can invade and retreat with no casualties into the American continent if given the chance
      "In my humble opinion, on the subject matter, topic and content discussed beforehand; I would like to humbly propose, convey my idea on the subject and remark; this, with the help of the afforementioned post" - Karl von Krass

      "The Golden Spire is looking for members, Anyone with good sense of game mechanics and a discord account can apply"

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    • Day 10: a change of hearth (rank 2, 390 points)

      I brought my army back to the mainland to upgrade it and to train more units. I realize now that I've made a mistake. I should have invaded Papua New Guinea so I could benefit from the spoils of war in terms of resources and manpower that I could extract of those cores. As I'm upgrading units and producing new ones I'm low on both resources and manpower. Any extra would have been welcome.

      This is how the map looks like at day change:

      Saoudi Arabia

      As you know, we took in Saudi Arabia as an ally which turned out to be a disappointment. He's inactive, is strategies are inadequate and he's not responsive. He attacked Egypt before disembarking his troops where he lost the advantage of surprise. He didn't use his destroyers to protect his battleships. He didn't use his interceptors to patrol over the landing zones of his convoys to protect them against bombers and he didn't use his naval bombers to take out Egypt' submarines. He had all the units for succes and to beat Egypt but in the end it all comes down to preparation and activity. He could have won but his landing was a disaster and the losses were catastrophic.

      North India

      As one man's death is another man's bread, North India allied himself with us and he started to attack Saudi Arabia. SA hasn't been online since his disembarking tragedy so it should be over fast.
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    • whowh wrote:

      That's a lot of damage.

      He basically had 8 stacks of 10 armored units (AC, LT, MT) about 26 planes mostly interceptors and his infantry was in his core cities. He had destroyers but didn't stack it with his battleships which was a fatal mistake.
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