Multi-Accounter, Golder and pretty toxic

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  • Multi-Accounter, Golder and pretty toxic

    So I was playing Germany in HWW.. right.. I just allied with France, split Poland with the Soviet Union and I have created a coalition.

    The Union:

    Soviet Union

    We were dominating but france went AI and I invaded so extra free land for me, then.

    I Japan has declared war on the Red Army, I’m like “no way Japan does anything to the Soviet Union right?”

    I wake up and I see the USSR has invaded japan successfully and captured Tokyo? NO I DONT. I DO NOT wake up to that

    Instead I see USSR not lifting a finger as Japan just completely cut the Soviet Union in half, he tells me everything’s gonna be alright.


    I wake up a day late and THING ARE WORSE, he’s captured like half of the Soviet Union now, I tell Japan we can be allies and that I will invade the Soviet Union, he says “thats great”

    I confront the Soviet Union why he isnt doing anything and he tells me that I should invade Great Britain who’s in a coalition with the USA, I tell him that will get USA’s attention and the USA are still active and I dont want to fight UK and USA at the same time.

    He tells me that he is the USA, and that it wont matter, I dont think he even thought before telling me that, I take a screenshot then start building up troops at his border.

    The USSR literally telling me and a inactive France that he is cheating - (look at my economy lol)

    He asks why I’m building up troops at his border, I tell him its to go and defeat Japan and then he tells me “Ok” -

    Alright. So I wake up and immediately start commanding my troops to invade him. Great! THE USSR comes online and starts calling me a traitor, I counter his arguments. -

    THEN he goes to the NEWSPAPER. He says he is gonna log on to his other account (USA) and make me fight a two front war, I tell him thats a easy way to get banned. -

    It’s funny to me, cause he really takes this game seriously, like a lot.

    He insults me more then spams me with Right of Way for Right Of Way, I ignore it but it kind of does annoy me since it spams my notifications.

    If you want to know how the invasion went, it went great i guess, he also admitted to using gold.

    After all that he went AI. I allied with Japan and Sweden, Sweden quickly went AI so now were 40 VP from victory

    The invasion of the Soviet -
    The Land Control with Japan -
  • report ussr for multi accounting, game admin will look into it.

    for the japan thing, ussr starts with very little troops on its eastern side which could be how he was losing to japan so badly. literally only a few militia scattered here and there that cant really do anything.
  • jefin b wrote:

    having 2 accounts plus revealing it. lol report him for multi accounting, use of swear words and spamming.
    LMAOOOO someone else did that in a game and I reported the little sucker
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  • Not sure if you took that image as soon as they posted the article of them threatening to switch to their US account, but by the looks to me, the US is just split between Mexico and Brazil.
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