American Homefront - East Texas.

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    • On this day. Day 9, it would be the day, that would be celebrated as “AWD” in Texas, a national holiday, pinned on Day 9.

      AWD stands for -

      A - Arizona
      W - War
      D - Day

      It would also be the day where South Carolina expanded north into East Ontario. The generals in Texas State Capital knew that this was the day, as everything was ready, everything was in tact, Cl0xy was just waiting for that one demand. It finally came. In the loud speakers, it was yelled out that the ministers would demand the troops to enter.. Arizona Territory.

      Casualties, in the first day of the Second Major War -

      (yeah i forgot to put in that South California and Arizona were currently in the same coalition, Arizona was in the american federation but left because he got into a argument I THINK)

      Mississippi began shooting at Arizona planes, as Mississippi easily had better planes, he had insane ones, after he was done shooting at the planes, he began bombing the units, preferably the artillery. The reason why I surprised attack was because he had a INSANE AMOUNT of artillery, and it was leveled up aswell, and I mean insane amount, so to avoid my troops being dead by the time we even got into our first battle, I surprised attacked instead of declaring war.

      This round was insane, almost everyone was active. The American Federation QUICKLY pulled out of the war after seeing the Casualties LANDSLIDE, so that, was the first win of the war for the NSAFMA. South California started supplying Arizona with troops, air superiority, navals, everything you can thing of, which made A California vulnerable to a invasion.

      South Carolina quickly pushed into West Ontario land easily. It was a breeze, so their is really no need to go in depth, but lets just say he barely suffered casualties and bombed them with artillery, naval, planes, etc.

      On day 10, was the day where it felt as if everyone was against us.

      It was Arkansas, he opened newspaper and felt the need to announce -

      East Mexico, had questions, was he being kicked out? Was Mississippi gonna be betrayed and kicked, was Arkansas lying??? then he put two and two together, and found out that he was the one being booted. He quickly texted North Dakota, the american Federation’s leader, he said that he was being kicked unfairly, as he started supplying the American Federation with materials to mobilize for war, they changed their status to trade embargo for the fourth time in the game, and now. The NSAFMA and the American Federation was heading into..

      A COLD WAR.

      This was a actual giant COLD WAR now, East Mexico somehow went from making militias to starting the Third Major War, the Western Coalition that was quickly catching up in VPS joined the American Federation, although the NSAFMA knew that the last thing they need is to get caught up in a Major WAR, they should be making troops, as they have faced heavy casualties in the last 3 days.

      It was official, Arkansas would be joining our coalition. Oh wait, not Arkansas, I meant COLUMBIA would be joining, soon his cooldown would cool off, and he would join our coalition.

      The American Federation started mass producing Rockets and Artillery, as we put spies in their land, so we knew (almost all spies got captured the next day though so we knew close to nothing), then they would be moving it states they had Right-Of-Way with, so that could be their factory, we quickly got South Californias support in the Second Cold War, he said he’d support us, he made that known publicly, he had one of the best army’s, so that was a MAJOR break. We then spotted American Federation’s fleets off the coast, it quickly went to my mind that they were ready for their great Invasion. We blocked ANY access to Colombia and the NSAFMA with battleships and more.

      The World was at the brink of the Third Major War
    • South Carolina started informing us about invading Arkansas, he was free VP’s as he had close to no units. Mississippi didn’t want to, I didn’t want to because I didn’t want to start a THREE FRONT WAR.

      South Carolina then said “alright ill do it myself” and invaded Arkansas. It went really well, barely facing casualties, not one single unit died, but South Carolina just needed more troops to cover more land. So he ended up signing peace with Arkansas, I still maintain share map relation with him.

      The Carolina-Arkansas War For Influence -

      North Quebec goes inactive, South Quebec keeps spamming me about joining my coalition, but he is still my ally, and he agrees to help us with the Third Major War

      Operation Cleopatra -

      Operation Cleopatra was the said invasion of the American Federation and its allies, none knew that we’d even be making such a operation. East Mexico said that we are delusional, so i think he’s still angry :(

      Well Operation Cleopatra would be South Carolina and Mississippi invasion of Iowa and Minnesota AT ONCE, they would hit at the same proposed time, South Quebec would also invade.. but a bit earlier to force them to move some troops. South Quebec would attack Minnesota (south Quebec pulled out of the war and instead sent us materials). The Two Front War would SUCK them into a loss one, and hopefully North Dakota and Wyoming begs for peace.

      Planes and Artillery would also suck Iowa and Minnesota into a lost war, while being invaded by TONS of tanks.

      And finally... It happened. Mississippi attacked.

    • South Carolina was invading Arizona, he was helping me invade Arizona, which made Operation Cleopatra harder, since he wanted more military support. I, personally didn’t need the help, but he was offering me it. So I accepted.

      As troops crushed into Arizona territory, his morale was being SUCKED, and it didn’t help that his cities were being bombed at a high rate, the battles were TENSE, and some battles even lasted hours and it looked like no side could win. Arizona also had a fair share of Rockets, and it CRASHED into Texas territory and troops, he mass-produced them, but a lot of the time he was scared to use it, he didn’t want the American Federation to get involved as they are AGAINST the use of rockets. Yet they mass-produced them for days. I actually made plans to split Arizona with Wyoming, but Wyoming never responded, probably because us two already declared war.

      Battle Of Las Cruces

      This was a major battle to take control of Las Cruces, Artillery were brought to RAIN down on the heavy tanks coming to destroy the city of Las Cruces, troops were being sent left and right to defend Las Cruces, a rocket was potentially used but he put it on a lake and sailed it to the NORTHWEST TERRITORIES, because they were allies, although Northwest Territories were already in the Western Coalition. This mistake, could cost Arizona the war, and the generals in Texas knew this. Mississippi sent planes, to bomb the artillery, since they were doing heavy damage. It was getting clear that Arizona was running out of troops, I wasn’t, the Artillery evacuated. No more troops were sent, and when the last infantry was decimated. It was confirmed that Las Cruces is an Allied/NSAFMA victory.
    • I will now call “east Texas” Texas since it has reunited Texas a long time ago.

      Texas still continues on its Invasion of Arizona, as its facing lightning victory’s, the generals and the allied forces of Texas knew that if it got though Arizona’s main defence force, it would win the war. Texas stood strong to its nations allied with it, it declared War on Minnesota, and once this happened, All of the NSFAMA was at war with the American Federation.

      The Battle Of San Antonio (NM)

      Both sides knew this was going to be a tough one, as resources quickly ran out for Texas.. This was going to be the longest and the one with the most casualties.. of the NSAFMA - Arizona war, Mississippi controlled the air as it bombed multiple key Artillery on the enemy side, the casualties were high, as now Texas was bringing its last artillery to help the Battle of San Antonio (NM). As the last Heavy Tank Arrived for Arizona, the Texas ministers were tricked into thinking that it was going to the position of San Antonio, but it was heading for Las Cruces, and Texas had to withdraw troops back to back as they got tricked. This Battle lasted for five hours, and in the fourth, it was clear their was going to be a winner, Arizona said that they didn’t lose the Battle of San Antonio despite them losing THAT LAND, he said that that clear loser was Mississippi. As their aircraft was heavily damaged since the Anti Air of Arizona stood strong, it would be the only use of Anti Air in the NSAFMA-Arizona war, until the Battle Of Phoenix.

      Third Major War -

      At this point I want to talk about the Third Major War, the western coalition joined the NSAFMA side a couple days earlier, and made plans to attack a couple days earlier, although Dakota knew what was going on and surprise attacked Alberta, it sucked North Dakota into a two front war, in fear he was being he was going to be split in half, he moved his best aircraft to patrol one front, meaning he had almost no aircraft at the front ALBERTA was attacking on, North Dakota also attacked Arkansas, which really wasn’t a smart move, since the NSAFMA had no plan attacking North Dakota until five real life days. In just one day, North Dakota was humiliated Arkansas and the Western Coaliton, the Casualties number were to North Dakota’s advantage

      Added Casualties -

      North Dakota - 41,000 Casualties in a day minimum.
      Arkansas, Western Coaltion - 44,800 Casualties in a day minimum

      Casualties -

      The loss of life was huge, in total approximately 85,800 lives were lost or injured from this war alone.. in just 24 hours, Northwest Territories plan to completely decimate the Dakota Army by Artillery, and their airplanes by Anti Air, were scraped. The Third Major War, as predicted, was going to be a tough.

      Third Major War - Casualties (so far (day 10))

      Arkansas - 3,943
      Iowa - 2,543
      Mississippi - 13,053
      South Carolina - 6,138
      East Texas- 22,410
      Arizona - 55,238
      Northwest Territories - 29,333
      Alberta - 32,159

      A total of 164,817 Casualties were inflicted in just Day 10. When it looked like Columbia might get involved, he has taken all of South America, and is now connecting Borders with East Mexico, East Texas breathed a sigh of relief when it figured out, that it most likely join their side.
    • Third Major War - NSAFMA - Arizona front

      The NSAFMA were winning every single battle on the Arizona front, it was a masterpiece.. South Carolina called it, I even snuck some artillery so I could use it in case another battle took place, I commanded my tanks and troops all different ways, I split troops, some cried knowing, they may never see their friends again. I initiated “Command 919” which was to the People in Phoenix (and in the American Federation-NSAFMA front) to drive their cars into any tanks they see them, citizens give their lives yet no tanks were destroyed, I saw lightning victory’s in Arizona, and his morale was being sucked from him as Mississippi got planes to patrol his homeland 24/7. Of course, the Texans suffered casualties of their own, 22,000 were estimated by the time Day 10 ended, and by this point, the Texans were making plans to invade Wyoming.

      Arizona - NSAFMA front Pictures -

      Parades were already being launched in Dallas and Houston, the people of Texas knew the end of Arizona was near, fireworks were displayed, troops being left behind even joined the party, I made it known worldwide that parades were being launched, and the fall of Arizona was inevitable, it was at this moment South California pulled out of the war. The fall of Arizona was inevitable, morale was high, victory was sweet, and with a friend in mind.. What could go possibly wrong?

      It is now Day 11, Day 10 was the worst day of America yet. The NSAFMA would see what Day 11 had in store for them.

      Battle Of Pheonix

      This is a battle everyone has been waiting for, the Battle of Pheonix, an Infantry stack would go to capture Pheonix, Arizona tried getting artillery to support or slow down the Texan Infantry units, but it was no match, with no units to protect Pheonix, the fall of Pheonix happened, and their was no battle, and the Artillery units retreated, to who knows where to this day.

      The Parades were large, and now I believe, that this is where the NSAFMA - Arizona Front shall end, no more important news happened, the casualties numbers is unknown, although all we know, is the fall of Arizona. It was now at this moment, the Texans started preparing -

      Operation Landlion, the invasion of Wyoming, one of the four American Federation members.

      Third Major War - American Federation - NSAFMA front.

      This front was still going strong, I started to build up a navy as we may need it. As South Carolina invaded Minnesota, little to no combat was made, the SC faced no casualties, while Minnesota faced 282. The NSAFMA realized this may be a trick, their army may be where we can’t see them, and they may attack while we dont expect, so South Carolina was still on edge. Mississippis invasion of Iowa was going strong, North Dakota withdrew rockets after being insulted by the Western Coalition, they said that it was “inhuman action”. So North Dakota, decided not to mass use those rockets, and Mississippis invasion of Iowa kept going strong, and now Declaration of war from the Texans were not needed, as they would fall rather soon. Mississippi’s invasion of Minnesota had some combat, but not much in day 11, as much of Minnesota’s units were already destroyed, by the start of Day 11 (which is why the causality count is so high)

      Pictures of the American Federation - NSAFMA front.

      Morale was high, victory was sweet, and with a friend in mind, what could go possibly wrong?
      This was said after, the NSAFMA, may have figured out that the Western Coalition, may change sides, because I didn’t use a tank to capture Pheonix.

      Other -

      South Carolina also invaded Baja California, although it doesn’t have to much relevance. Colombia was given Share Map, and we talked in private chat for some time, Colombia was very close to being in this coalition, which would make the NSAFMA a unstoppable force.

      East Mexico invaded Central Mexico, and faced heavy casualties, this surprised nobody though, although I started calling him a troll, since he didn’t help in the NSAFMA - Arizona War, and in total, he’s played no part in the Third Major War. He still had 27 units at this point, when the Texans were getting into the 100s.

      Mexican War -
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    • Right i am back and rather than lay off low key imma barge right in
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      Right i am back and rather than lay off low key imma barge right in
      With your history I wouldn't recommend that.

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