Release Notes - 2021-06-08

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    • Release Notes - 2021-06-08

      Beta Client:
      • The province list in the beta client was improved according to player feedback.
        • The province list now remembers its adjusted position and size after reloading the game.
        • The province list can now be moved to the right edge of the screen, where it is displayed in front of any other element.
        • Listings of the same building type are now displayed underneath each other in the same column.
        • Sorting buttons have been added at the top of the building list.
        • The morale is now also displayed as a percentage number above the moral bar.
        • Icons for the morale trend and revolt chance were added to the morale column of the province list.
        • The map region filter was added to the list again, allowing you to only show provinces of a certain region.
        • Active rally point icons are displayed if a rally point is active.
        • Double resource icons are displayed in the province list and province bar again.
        • The performance of the list has been improved, to avoid previously experienced lag when a larger number of provinces was displayed on the list.
      • To switch to the beta client:
        • The button to switch to the new beta client can be found in the account settings. Once switched, closing the tab and reopening it will open the last chosen setting. To switch back to the old client, re-visit the account settings in the new beta client.
      • We adjusted the gradient effect for land masses, to make it less prominent for islands. This change will make islands appear less dark and makes it easier to spot them. No changes were made for bigger landmasses.
      • Upon opening your first rewarded ad after the update, a popup will open, asking you if you’d like to be shown personalized advertisement videos. You will be able to use the Free Gold for Ads feature regardless of your decision, but the displayed advertisements can be adjusted to show content that might be of more interest to you. The popup will not open again after a decision has been made. You can change the setting in the account settings at any time though.

      Bug Fixes:
      • A bug on the Saturday Madness event map was resolved, which prevented some urban provinces of Turkey and the Belorussian Front from having Victory Points assigned to them.
      • An issue on Android devices was resolved that caused the keyboard to overlay certain areas of the app making it hard to create offers on the Stock Market, write diplomatic messages, or participate in chat.
      • A bug was fixed that prevented clouds from being displayed on the map border frame.
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