Nuclear bombers

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    • Nuclear bombers

      I just wanted to know, how it goes with a nuclear bomber:
      - need to see the troops to bomb them or if you target a city without seeing them it will still hit them
      - when it attacks, it hits first, no, so it has time to hurt them before being shot down if the enemy has enough air defense damage
      - if he takes damage when releasing the bomb, will the bomb damage be reduced.
      - will an allied aircraft patrolling 50 or less from the point of impact take the damage

      - Do we lose all the planes escorting the bomber that is going to hit even if the enemy does not have enough defense damage to destroy them all
    • - It's better that you can see the target so that you don't waste a nuclear bomber for nothing. You could just attack a city and if there's troops there then the damage will be spread over the buildings and the troops within the blast radius. Of course the latter is less effective.
      - The enemy in defence always shoots first so if they have enough AA value your nuclear bomber will be shot down.
      - Damaged units deal less damage hence also the nuclear bomber.
      - With allied planes 50 clicks out i hardly doubt that they would take damage. Even if they were close, it's the ground troops that take the biggest hit anyway.
      - Nuclear Bombers can't be escorted as you can't stack them with interceptors. You could fly interceptors along but they would get damaged. Nuclear Bombers deal damage to both enemy and friendly so collateral damage is very real.

      Conclusion: nuclear bombers really aren't interesting and ineffective, go for the nuclear rocket instead. All though i prefer artillery as they last all game and do far more damage in the end.

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