Release Notes - 2021-06-22

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    • Release Notes - 2021-06-22

      • A toggle was added to the gold confirmation popup in the beta client that allows you to opt not getting the popup displayed again. You can reactivate the popup in the settings at any time.

      Bug Fixes:
      • A bug was fixed that caused coalition teams to be temporarily not visible when opening the coalition popup. Coalition teams are now visible as soon as you open the popup again.
      • Missing Victory Points have been added to some provinces on the “Saturday Madness” Event map.
        • This change only affects newly created game rounds. Running games are not affected.
      • An issue was resolved in the province list that caused the number of units being built to be hidden behind the construct button, when multiple buildings were selected on mobile. The number of units is now displayed to the right of the button, in that case.
      • A bug was resolved that caused the icons in front of the Top 5 players in the ranking on mobile devices to be displayed as simple dots. We replaced those unworthy representations of the top 5 players with shiny new ones.
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    • I noticed that when I switched form regular to Beta and back again that my gold confirmation was desactivated and had a miss click =O Luckily it wasn't an AvA :D

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