Mod I need help

    • Mod I need help

      Hello my name is Maxcool175 in Call of War I have a problem with one of my games 1291533 Where I got banned because of that Anti Cheat thing But I don't have two accounts on it? Yeah My friend plays on the same server has me Ik you get the anti cheat msg when you log onto different accounts on the same ip/internet Me and my friend were at a buddys house for about 2-3 days and Of course we were logging onto call of war to see how are countrys are doing but I was the one that got banned and he didn't??? In no means am I cheating or having two accounts Idk how you can check that stuff out but I was even at his house going on call of war and I never got the anti cheat msg?? So like if you can check that stuff out mods and unban me that would be great if you need you can msg me on call of war just shoot me a msg But yeah hope you can help thanks