Neutral nation madness

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    • Neutral nation madness

      More than a few times in the 1939 WW2 historic game, neutral nations have done the most unrealistic thing I've ever seen. I'll just give a couple of examples to keep this as short as possible. I was playing Germany and was at war with Britain and France who were both at war with Switzerland that was also at war with Italy. I'd been fighting the Brits and French for a few days when the latter attacked Switzerland along with the Italians. The Swiss were left with only their capital and one other province I think was Bern. The Italian offensive had ground to a halt as had the French but the latter had two fresh divisions moving their way to finish them off and outflank me. I used my entire air force to destroy them before they even got close to the Alps. A few hours later France again sent a force against them which I again annihilated as they reached the Swiss border. With the western front temporarily stabilized I turned my attention to the Russian front who I was also at war with. After an hour had past I checked the paper for new information and the first thing I see is that the Swiss have declared war on me! WTF? I zip back to that front to see all their units in the capital have abandoned it and are invading me! and what was worse was the Italian player was active again and moving his units towards the empty city. The French were doing the same but were much further away. I thought I was screwed since I had sent most of my bombers to the Russian front and I had no ground troops on the Swiss border. All I had were badly damaged fighters that I sent against the Italians without much hope, but to my joy the two regiments only had one hit point each, and were destroyed. The Swiss took my border province and luckily for me stayed put. The French finally took the province next to the capital and made a force march for it, but my bombers had made it back by then and destroyed their last units when they were just ten minutes away from taking it. Ground troops had by now arrived and with my trusty air force took back my border province and then their capital, but had seriously delayed my advances against the Brits and Russians. Can someone tell me why any country that was about to be crushed would suddenly attack the only country helping them and leave their capital wide open for their enemies to take? I've never heard of anything like that in earths history, and can't wait to see if anyone defends this outrageous unrealistic incident.
    • The other incident was not as bad but even more unrealistic. I was playing Japan and was driving into Russia after my fleet landed around 6 divisions in the Crimea. Ivan had been badly weakened fighting the Germans and threw in the towel as I quickly overran his unguarded cities. Lithuania had one useless province left with not a single regiment and was still at war with the Germans and the Russians. I drove away the Germans on their border and for my help they declared war on me. It was not a big deal like the Swiss incident but why would any country without a single soldier declare war on anyone, let alone a country fighting their enemies with an army larger than their entire remaining population less than an hour away? Maybe Baltic state A.I. became sentient at that moment and concluded Japanese culture was far superior to theirs and ached to be annexed so they could wear kimonos, eat sushi, and start speaking a much more beautiful language. Yeah, that's got to be it, because no computer programmer would be stupid enough to do this on purpose.
    • Theres this thing called global popularity. Its a mechanic in the game which helps determine if the AI is gonna declare war or embargo you. The more you grow the more likely it is that you will have the AI do that. It used to be where AI were dumb an never attacked unless you joined a premium AI round but thankfully they made all the AI premium for free.
      The greatest weakness to a leader is his himself
    • Goldwolf wrote:

      I never expected reality in a game where you can build an Aircraft carrier in 4 hours, but maybe that is just me. However, in short, the AIs in this game have no I just A.
      I want to say each in game day is a couple months which the US alone was pumping out ships every couple weeks. The AI isnt bad for a free to play RTS
      The greatest weakness to a leader is his himself