Patrol Tricks still working?

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    • Saske---Is this what you are looking for (from the guide BMFox created, "Air-combat for COW1.5").....

      As already explained, when enemy has one or more air groups patrolling over some area, that groups will deal 50% of their damage every 15 minutes to all groups inside the area and receive 50% damage from those groups (excluding your own patrols as they will deal damage separately). This can used against him. One way is by moving land (or naval) groups (with a lot of AA defence) inside enemy patrol area. If total AA defence of your groups used this way is large enough so they can inflict more damage to enemy patrol groups than those groups deal to them (HP should also be considered in this calculation), then this is a good way to destroy enemy patrols. Other way is to use your own air groups. Trick is to avoid patrolling over enemy patrols and make sure your air groups are either flying around (looking confused) or standing in airbase, with the condition that they are inside enemy patrol area. Unlike classic patrolling (in which case your patrols deal offensive damage every 15 minutes and don't do any defensive damage when enemy patrols end their patrol cycles), air groups used this way will defend when every enemy patrol group finishes its patrol cycle. While to someone this doesn't seem to make any difference because it just changes time when your patrol groups deal damage, there is reason why in many situations this can do more damage than classic patrolling. That reason is the fact that while patrolling, all damage is spread across all enemy groups but in this case, it is not spread across them and instead it is dealt to all enemy patrol groups separately at the moment when they finish their patrol cycle. Knowing this, you must also be careful when moving your small air groups near enemy patrols as they can easily be destroyed if at the wrong place at the wrong time.
    • is my interpretation of what BMFox is saying...

      Let's say your opponent has some ground troops with a lot of AA or SP AA, so that those ground troops would do a lot of damage to any of your air units that attack in the area. The opponent also has some air units patrolling over those ground units and you want to attack those air units with your interceptors (or Rocket fighters), without getting hit by the AA or SP AA on the ground.

      One way (probably the only way) to accomplish this is to fly through (don't patrol) the patrol area of your opponent's air units during the time they are about to finish their 15 minute patrol.
      When you do this, the opponents air units will attack your air units, and your air units will defend.
      Also, when this happens, the opponents ground units will not fire back.

      So....Effectively, you have a way to fight against just their air units, with no problems created by the ground units that are within the opponents patrol circle.

      If you patrolled this area, instead of flying through it....then every 15 minutes, you would attack the opponents air units and ground units...which would be a problem if the opponent has a bunch of AA within the patrol circle.
      Also, if you patrolled this area, your interceptors (or rocket fighters) would not defend against the opponents air units when the opponents air units hit their 15 minute patrol cycle.

      So...In situations where you want to attack air units with your air units... and not get hit by the ground units that are within the patrol circle of those air units, this is the only way to accomplish that.
    • I just re-read what the guide said and what i wrote....after doing that, let me add two thoughts....
      1. what i wrote, above, should be correct...but is probably only applicable when the opponents air units are located within 5km of the opponents ground units...if there is more than 5km of space between them, then you can patrol over the opponents patrol circle and just attack them without worrying about damage from the ground units.
      2. I think the point though, of the original comment was something different...I think the original point was pertaining to situations where your opponent has MULTIPLE air stacks patrolling in the same area. You can fly through that area as ONE of the the opponents air stacks is about to doing this, the fight will just be between your air stack and that ONE opponent air stack that is about to click... If you simply patrolled your air stack over their air stacks, then you would get hit by multiple air stacks (each time one of the opponents air patrol stacks patrols ticked, you would be hit by them) and your damage, when you hit your tick, would be distributed to multiple opponent stacks instead of 1 stack.

      As an example....if the opponent had 10 Tac Bombers and 10 interceptors... and you had 8 interceptors, you would be able to focus on attacking the 10 tac bombers with your 8 interceptors without getting hit by the opponents 10 long as the opponent stayed in patrol mode and did not do a direct attack with his 10 interceptors.