Suggestions about non-core provinces

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    • Suggestions about non-core provinces

      Hi Friends,

      Some suggestions about non-core provinces

      1- When you start advancing to inside your enemy land, & controlling some cities & provinces, you will end up with many buildings, infrastructure damaged. to repair them you will need a lot of resources. I suggest that player should have the ability to destroy these buildings, infrastructures to 0%. & get for example 50% of its balance health.

      I know it is so useful to repair these buildings and use them, since you will use less resources comparing with building new ones. But I think I should have the choice to do both repair / demolish them.

      2- Another suggestion, is to have ability to build a building in the non-core province (to change its status from non-core to core province). So, the player can improve some of his key non-core provinces & invest / get more resources from it.

    • Would love to be able to destroy buildings in none-core provinces that I didn't build. They bug me SO much, and are never in the places I need or want them to be. The random barracks in a lone province that has no resources, no manpower value, and is just sitting there. Destroying them outright is good enough for me, would be nice to be able to get a little res in return though. Allow it to be put to better use elsewhere.
    • It'd have to have a time cost, in order to keep balance and a sense of realism. Sure, you could just strap some explosives to all the load bearing supports... but, even then, you'd still have to clear up the mess. Roughly 25-50% of the time it takes to build them though. Destroying is always so much faster lol.
      And if people do destroy buildings when being overwhelmed, isn't that a realistic thing as well? How many retreating armies in history have slashed and burned their own farms, homes, towns, cities, bridges, all just to keep the enemy from using them? Would it likely mean that games would take longer, because people would have to invest more time, more resources? yes. Frankly I think that's a good thing. It means it becomes easy to over-extend yourself.
      Rush your enemy? Great. Manage to quickly take their entire country? Great... Now you have to deal with the extra food costs of the population, with no infrastructure, no support, no industry, nothing. It means you also have to wait longer for your reinforcements, because they HAVE to come from your core provinces, or at the best, previously conqoured nations that you've had the time to build up. I say great. Advancing quickly is great, but it SHOULD come at a high price.