• I haven't been playing very long, but I have been betrayed and backstabbed multiple times by "allies". I'm not very confident in sharing maps or giving right of way to any one any more.

      I recommend making it so we can invest in alliances. For example, I can invest $10,000 in an alliance with someone so that if I ever attack them I lose that money. As long as I don't attack them or betray them I keep that money to use however I wish. If I have less than $10,000 when I betray them then I love whatever I have plus future money until that money is lost.

      That or "invest" soldiers/troops; something....I feel that in real life it is much harder and costly to break alliances. The consequences are much harsher when you do that in real life, but not in this game.
    • This aspect of the game is weird because there are a lot of people who will:
      expect share map from you,
      betray you,
      be loyal to the end,
      attack you for not having shared map,
      refuse to share map,
      spread lies and false info,
      give each other resources freely.

      The players you play with will come in all possible combinations of the above and you just have to figure it out.