Release Notes - 2021-09-28

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    • Release Notes - 2021-09-28


      • On mobile devices, the timer is now updated in real time while dragging the delay slider, when giving an army Delay March order.
      • The hints and quotes on the loading screen are now displayed in the language you play the game in.

      Bug fixes:

      • A bug was fixed that prevented the player who triggered the victory timer in Capital Rush Event game rounds first from winning, if another player conquered more Control Points after the timer was triggered.
        • If player A conquers enough Control Points to trigger the victory timer and player B conquers more than A - then Player A wins the round now.
        • The player (A) that triggers the victory timer first receives 1st place and the Gold payout in that game round.
      • An issue was resolved that could cause the construction info for buildings which are being constructed or are in the construction queue to display wrong values. The construction info panel shows the correct values now.
      • A bug was fixed that could cause the building details panel to show incorrect values when the building was damaged or halfway through an upgrade. The panel now displayed the correct value for the fully built level of a building even during construction.
      • An issue was resolved that showed incorrect images in the newspaper when using the beta client.
      • Historical images were added to the newspaper in the beta client.
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