Server Incident 2021-10-21

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    • Server Incident 2021-10-21

      Attention, Generals!

      Due to an unexpected incident on Friday morning 2021-10-21 players were unable to enter their game rounds for two and a half hours (02:00 am CEST until 04:30 CEST).

      Although Call of War is a real-time grand strategy game where decisions and actions are taken a while in advance, an outage like this can have an impact on a match. We are very sorry for this and the inconveniences this downtime might have caused in your war efforts.

      To soften any potential harm this incident may have caused to your strategic plans for last night, we are adding 5,000 Gold to the account of any affected player.

      The Gold will be added to the accounts of affected players shortly.

      Your Bytro Team
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      Twitter: Call of War