Release Notes - 2021-10-26

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    • Release Notes - 2021-10-26

      • When you are about to attack a friendly player (another player you have Right of Way, Shared map, or Shared intelligence with), a warning popup is triggered now. The popup allows you to either cancel your command or declare war.
      • The map ending popup (victory, defeat) on mobile devices has a close button now.
      • A new Army List was implemented for the Beta Client. The list displays all your armies and valuable information. You can click on an army to select it and to jump to its location on the map. The list can be sorted by the following information:
        • Army ID
        • Army name
        • Amount
        • Hitpoint
        • Damage
        • Protection
        • Speed
        • Location
        • Current action

      Bug Fixes:
      • A bug was fixed that prevented the Rocket Artillery and SP Rocket Artillery from having sound when in combat.
      • An issue was solved that prevented patrolling planes from dealing defensive damage to attacking planes. After this update, an attacker receives damage first before proceeding with the attack.
      • A bug was fixed that caused parked planes not dealing defensive damage to attacking airplanes.
      • An issue was solved that could cause unconfirmed army orders to be cancelled when the server is refreshed. Orders that have not been confirmed yet are not cancelled when the server is refreshed (by a patrol tick or similar) anymore.
      • A bug was fixed that caused the combat timer of planes to start the next countdown for the next attack, even when the plane returned to its base to refuel. In case the plane needs to refuel, the countdown starts only after the refueling is completed and the plane starts for the next attack.
      • An issue was resolved that caused army actions like convert, delay, etc. to be 'stopped' by changing the fire mode of the army from or to offensive and aggressive fire mode. If an army action is issued it is executed as intended before any other action is executed.
      • Several bugs regarding missing connections, flags, borders, etc. were fixed on various maps in the game.
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