Food Shortage in Morale

    • Food Shortage in Morale

      I have over 17,000 in food and have been purchasing food every time it gets between 6,000 to 8,000 but all of my provinces have a food shortage negative in morale. I am losing territories and wasting countless time having to go back and recapture territories that I already captured because of this food issue.

      Anyone know if this is a bug or is it because my food is running at -300 an hour. Plus it is hurting my home territories which make the food which makes the food shortage even bigger.
    • That depends on which map you are.

      On the 100 player map, food was just drastically increased, though there wasn't truly a real need, if food was properly managed, but this aspect just proved a bit to complicated for many players on such a big map.

      On the smaller maps (22 or 10 players) there is absolutely no shimmer of a food problem whatsoever, except for bad planning, resulting in a bad food situation.

      On the 2 player map like US vs Mexico, there deliberately is limited food (as of anything) and you have to deal with it.

      Other maps I am not aware of the situation, like historical and such.

      The timely and correct management of resources is nevertheless an intrinsic part of the strategic challenge and an indispensable factor to achieve your goals..
    • I don't get it. I am in a 22 player map but I was Canada, and I built a level 5 IC and level 3 infrastructure on London (on) the only place I have food, I captured AC, Cincinnati, & Hartford and did the same to them and now that I am in Europe I am not even close to having enough food.

      Now my army is massive and I think that is the problem so I will basically slaughter my army tomorrow.
    • Having only 1 core food province to start with is totally rediculous. It's impossible to be cometetive with Canada and this isn't your fault.

      However, I'll give some tips, maybe you already thought about it, maybe you havn't.

      The word I'm missing in your post is 'fortifications'.

      On the 22-player map there are countries that are very easy to play like Oekraïne and there are more diffecult countries to play, like Canada. In order to succeed with such a country, one must invest a lot in food production in his core provinces and outside the core. Menaing building infrastructure, industrial complexes and fortifications to increase povince morale to 100%. Off course you can also try to cut on expenses. Shut down as many barracks as possible, try not to build any infantery or anti-tank. After you have build level 5 infrastructure in London (on) you must try to move your capital as far eastwards as possible without loosing the 100% morale in your food producing province.

      If the morale of London (on) is far below 100 at this moment, I suggest you move your capital over there asap if you havn't already.