Mightiest army report - explanation

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    • Mightiest army report - explanation

      Hi all,

      I was looking for explanation how the mightiest army report is being prepared, but haven't found anything useful. I hope someone could explain what is being calculated:
      - mere number of units regardless of type
      - units moral and terrain penalties
      - units in production
      - something else

      I kinda doubt in report accuracy since I faced several elite AI countries top ranked in mightiest army report. I was ranked so low I wasn't in the report. I still managed to win while fighting 4 elite AI countries (2 top ranked in MAR). It could be a glitch or elite AI is just that bad.
    • Well, it's hard for me to believe EAI is that good. Although only 2 countries were attacking at a time just mere number of units should turn the tide and give AI big advantage. My conclusion is that mightiest army report has to be false by some extent, e.g. if it calculates just mere unit strength based on moral & terrain then if one stacks many tanks in the city will appear weak (-50% strength), while these tanks will be 50% better at plains. That could be the case.

      I was hoping someone managed to crack the algorithm and figure out report parameters. At least two players on the same map have to work closely together to solve this.