Map Idea: HWW 1942

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    • Map Idea: HWW 1942

      In this map, there would be coalitions at the start, but you can leave your coalition and start a new one or join another one if you like. Countries will automatically be at war with some other ones too. There will be 36 playable countries, these are them with their coalition in brackets
      Greater German Reich (European Axis)
      Italy (European Axis)
      Romania (European Axis)
      Bulgaria (European Axis)
      Croatia (European Axis)
      Hungary (European Axis)
      Vichy France (European Axis)
      Finland (European Axis)
      Turkey (No coalition)
      Free France (Western Allies)
      Britain (Western Allies)
      USA (Western Allies)
      China (Western Allies)
      British India (Western Allies)
      South Africa (Western Allies)
      Egypt (Western Allies)
      Belgium (Western Allies)
      Canada (Western Allies)
      Brazil (Western Allies)
      Australia (Western Allies)
      New Zealand (Western Allies)
      Cuba (Western Allies)
      Mexico (Western Allies)
      Soviet Union (Comintern)
      Mongolia (Comintern)
      Yugoslav Partisans (Comintern)
      Chetniks (Western Allies)
      Chinese Partisans (Comintern)
      Japan (Pan-Asian)
      Burma (Pan-Asian)
      Thailand (Pan-Asian)
      Manchukuo (Pan Asian)
      Wang Jingwei (Pan Asian)
      Sweden (No Coalition)
      Spain (No Coalition)
      Portugal (No Coalition)
      [/list]Other than that there are some AIs, some of them are in coalitions and will use their AI logic to defend themselves and occasionally their allies but won't talk to you. They are:
      Azad Hind (Pan-Asian)
      Menjiang (Pan-Asian)
      Tannu Tuva (Comintern)
      Chetniks (Western Allies)
      Switzerland (No coalition)
      Netherlands (Western Allies)
      Dominican Republic (No Coulition)
      Haiti (No Coulition)
      Paraguay (No coulition)
      And the ones from normal HWW that weren't eaten up
    • New

      It would be hard to imagine partizans controlling a complete city within an occupied country. It would also be hard to imagine them standing any chance at all against an organized military unit in open battle (like is pictured in CoW). Read up on the Warsaw uprising in 1944, for example. This happened right after Operation Bagration, one of the greatest defeats of the Germans of the war, yet they had little trouble mopping up the joint resistance forces of the whole of Poland.
      When the enemy is driven back, we have failed. When he is cut off, encircled and dispersed, we have succeeded. - Aleksandr Suvorov.