Unreadable Newspaper

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    • Unreadable Newspaper


      Whenever I try to read the in-game newspaper, the World Herald, it is near impossible to read anything once you scroll down because it refreshes so quickly. Often before you can even find what you are looking for. When it refreshes, you are put back at the beginning of the day's news. Does it really need to refresh so quickly? Can't it just refresh when you close it and reopen it?
    • New

      I agree, it is very frustrating when it refreshes while you are looking for some specific item and you have to start all over finding it (hoping you'll get there this time before the dreaded refresh comes around again). This is especially irritating when players spam the paper with dozens of messages in the first few days.

      Some other problems with it:

      - When you close and re-open it, search filters should be gone.
      - The "most/least popular" list (which is frankly quite redundant; big nations are impopular and everyone loves small ones) continuously obscures the REALLY relevant daily list (army size, research state, money reserve, etc). When you're browsing it, you continuously get thrown back to the fact that Fiji is really, really popular and have to watch that for a few seconds.
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